by nouveau 29 Jul 2010

What is the secret to embroidering on t-shirts. Mine get bunchy. What stabilizer is best? Thanks!


by bevgrift 07 Aug 2010

Here is a pic

by bevgrift 07 Aug 2010

Just to add info: Check the slightest stretch that any stablizers have.Turn it so it is opposite to the stretch of your fabric.
Also iron-on and tearaway can both be used double.Place them ,one this way and the other that way. {just float the extra tearaway under the hoop,so not too bulky to hoop}
From Bev

by kalinelson 31 Jul 2010

Great info....I'm looking forward to doing a T-shirt....thanks for your question

by nouveau 31 Jul 2010

Thanks great ladies!! My t-shirt turned out awesome because of the knowledge & experience you shared! Yippie! Now I'm going around the house looking for t-shirts to embroider on!

by gerryvb 29 Jul 2010

I always you the sticky tear away stabilizer , I stick it on the backside of the hoop in a way I can put the t shirt on the sticky side,just lay it down and press it on the sticky tearaway. without stretching the material.

by shirlener88 29 Jul 2010

Here is a tutorial for wings on a t-shirt - but it would apply to any design:

by nouveau 29 Jul 2010

By "Vilene" are you referring to a water soluable stabilizer?

bevgrift by bevgrift 30 Jul 2010

No, it is an iron-on used for Interfacing the facings when dressmaking.It stiffens and supports the fabric slightly, specially when making buttonholes.
(Check what is behind your button openings on your ready made blouse.)
The word Vilene (trademark) is used here in S,A. it also comes in different weghts.Mabe some call it iron-on cut-away.
I like to use the lightweight.Some are too thick and are uncomfortable to wear.
From Bev

nouveau by nouveau 31 Jul 2010

Thank you, Bev! It worked!

bevgrift by bevgrift 08 Aug 2010

That's great! I,m happy!:)

by bevgrift 29 Jul 2010

Use an iron on (vilene)same as used for interfacings.
Iron onto the wrong side of the T-shirt (careful to not stretch the t-shirt ), where your design is going to be. Use the iron in a stamp motion up-down not sliding across.
Then Hoop it up with tear-away in the usual way.
From Bev

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michemb by michemb 29 Jul 2010

Thanks for this info, have a project coming up and I know this will be very useful. This is such a great way to help novices like myself, Thanks again and have a great day.