by nualaa 28 Jul 2010

9 mths at a wedding in Atlanta and while sitting in the sun a white butterfly kept landing on our table. My brother took a picture of us with the butterfly, the picture was great but no butterfly in the picture. My SIL passed away 5 yrs later. About 3 years ago my adopted mom passed away on christmas eve and she had left paper weights for all the daughters. Mine had a white, red and yellow butterfly in it. I had this sitting on a little stand with a light under it and we only put it on when we had special dinners. Well last evening I went to bed early but could not sleep for thinking of my nephew, so came back downstairs. I noticed a red flashing light in the sitting room and found the light flashing under the paperweight. It will not turn off change sequence or play the music, it will just flash. It has now being flashing for 18 hrs.

I think this is their way of telling me that my sister-in-law is united with her 2 boys and they are finally at peace. The last time I talked to my SIL a week before she passed, she was sitting with her youngest son laughing about the good times they had with the eldest boy. I can just hear them giggling away having a great old time together.
Thank you for letting me share this story with you. God bless you all for your love and support.


by mariahail 06 Aug 2010

Wow what a wonderful story!!!!Hugs and Blessings.

by leenova54 06 Aug 2010

Wow! I got goosebumps reading that! So touching and for sure an angel was there.

by psssst 06 Aug 2010

Thank you for sharing your family with us. I have always believed in eternal life. I hope this story has proven to others that eternal life and reuniting with those that have gone before us is a fact.

by noah 31 Jul 2010

Well thanks for the nice read,now please tell us is the light stillflashing or what is now happening???Just wondering???Carolyn

by dgarner 30 Jul 2010

What a beautiful story -- thank you for sharing it with us.

by haydebug 30 Jul 2010

Wonderful story to share, Thank you!

by judybell 30 Jul 2010

Thank you for sharing. Judy

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nualaa by nualaa 30 Jul 2010

Thank you.

by camylow 30 Jul 2010


by nualaa 30 Jul 2010

Thank you everyone for your lovely words. I live 8 hrs time difference from my homeland.When I got up this morning the service was over and I checked the butterflies and the light was fading and it seemed to give one last burst and stopped completely. I now know they are finally at peace.

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noah by noah 31 Jul 2010

ok now i know peace at last:):)Carolyn

by jrob Moderator 30 Jul 2010

I am deeply touched.

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nualaa by nualaa 30 Jul 2010

Thank you.

by pennifold 30 Jul 2010

How beautiful Nualaa- butterflies are just such delicate elusive creatures and I believe are symbols for life. We all know of course that butterflies start off as larvae and end up as beautiful creatures. It's like that with our lives isn't it - we start off as infants and grow into adults?

Thankyou for sharing this uplifting story. Love and blessings Chris

nualaa by nualaa 30 Jul 2010

Thank you Chris for the lovely picture. I will save it as a reminder.

camylow by camylow 30 Jul 2010

Chris, I was thinking more in the lines of at birth a larva and as we grow in CHRIST becoming that beautiful butterfly....deanna

by lbrow 30 Jul 2010

This is sad but beautiful. Thank you

by designgirl 29 Jul 2010

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

by nualaa 29 Jul 2010

Thank you all. The lights still will not shut off and it has be blinking now for 27 hrs.

by sewalaskan 29 Jul 2010

Thank you for sharing

by keeponsewing 28 Jul 2010

Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

by asterixsew Moderator 28 Jul 2010

Thanks for sharing this with us

by shirlener88 28 Jul 2010

Thank you so much for sharing this - it is heartwarming to know - that we can get such signs as these - I do believe you are very correct in staying that your SIL is at peace with her 2 boys. WOW!

by smithandsmith 28 Jul 2010

Thank you for sharing your story with us. It made me smile and think of my 2 grandmothers who have passed and others.
hugs Lee