by dgarner 27 Jul 2010

is a program sponsored by Pantene hair care products that provides wigs to women who are battling cancer. The women are not charged anything for the wigs -- they are totally free to them. You can get information at

I support this endeavor as I know several survivors of breast cancer; in fact, my Mother is a 30 year survivor!


by honeychyle 10 Aug 2010

I've been letting my hair grow for a couple of years so I could donate it, but was told if your hair is more than 5% gray they won't use it! Well, that leaves me out! LOL

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dgarner by dgarner 12 Aug 2010

Even if it is "too" gray, they can use it by selling it to other wigmakers and using the money to offset the construction costs for the Pantene wigs.

by psssst 06 Aug 2010

I have donated to locks of love in the past. Unfortunately I haven't been able to stand growing my hair long for a few years now because of the wonderful world of "hot flashes" & "night sweats." Is there a minimum length requirement for Beautiful Lengths? Locks of Love is 12" and I can not even try to imagine growing my hair that long anymore.

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dgarner by dgarner 12 Aug 2010

I believe the length is 10 inches; but, also remember that the hairdresser can part your hair into sections so you actually might have more than you think. That's what mine did; rather than pull it into a ponytail and measure for the length, she parted it into sections on my head and measured each section, cut it, and then combined all the cut sections together to send.
PS -- I know what you mean about the hot flashes and night sweats! LOL

by dgarner 01 Aug 2010

Thank you all for your positive comments! To add a little more info about my mother -- the day she had her mastectomy in July, 1980, the surgeon took my husband and me into a conference room and told us that she had 50% lymph node involvement. I asked him two words: "How long?" because, as a nurse, I knew it was really bad. His answer was "5 years at most". Cuties, I KNOW prayer works!!!

by lbrow 30 Jul 2010

A very worthy cause dgarner, my womens club make & donate caps, hats, head coverubgs of all sizes for men, women & children who have lost all their hair from chemo treatments for cancer *

by laffma1 29 Jul 2010

Diane- I made my donation to Beautiful Lengths a couple of years ago. Too many of my friends and family have been touched by cancer, so I wanted to do something besides just give money (since that is mostly what our society does for a good cause). Growing my hair out gave me a lot of time to reflect back on each person in my life who has/had suffered with this disease, and try to learn something positive from each one's life. I would definitely do it again...

by sewalaskan 29 Jul 2010

I had never heard of the Pantene cause. I wish I could donate but my hair doesn't grow very fast. After 20 years, of no hair cuts it is only just past my ears. I'm glad there are some people that can donate.

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by smithandsmith 28 Jul 2010

My daughter Lindsey donated her hair also. These pictures are at the hair dressers. She had her bag of hair and i have I cried and she laughed. She had been growing it for 14 years. We had seen a t v show and the girl donated her hair to friend who had cancer and at the time Lindsey was 6 years old and asked if we could do the same. So when it came time to cut her hair she was so excited and i watched all the memories beeing cut off. But it was going to the right place. I did get my own goodie bag of hair Now she wants to do it again.

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keeponsewing by keeponsewing 28 Jul 2010

She still has beautiful long hair!

by 02kar Moderator 28 Jul 2010

I want to say thanks to all of you who have and will donate hair. I have not had cancer (I am so grateful) but I know too many wnmen who have. And I don't have beautiful hair to donate. I know that if I am ever diagnosed with cancer I will be so grateful to the women who made my wig a reality.

by shirlener88 28 Jul 2010

Dianne, I almost did that this time - but I wasn't sure where to find them - never thought that it would be so easy - just to go to - I thought it would be under the name Beautiful Lengths and at the time - I couldn't remember that name - I will make sure to bookmark this and on my next BIG haircut - I will make sure to donate here. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.

by keeponsewing 27 Jul 2010

Diane I wasn't aware of the Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Thanks for the info. Congrats on your mother, a cancer survivor. I'm a survivor also of 30+ yrs. Mine wasn't breast but uterine CA. They found out when I was 6 mos. preg. with my son. His picture is on one of the post about long hair. I found it very comforting that even though I LOVED his long hair, he donated it to lock of love. Sorta ironic I guess. LOL. Terre