by grobin 25 Jul 2010

Hello Cutie,

I uploaded 3-4 projects last night but so far I don't see any of them. They were JPEG's.
What am I doing wrong. Has anyone else had this problem lately?


by spendlove Moderator 25 Jul 2010

I presume that nothing appeared which suggests that you didn't <save>. It the picture is the wrong size or format, the rest of the post goes ahead.

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grobin by grobin 25 Jul 2010

Thank you much. You were right I had not saved before uploading.

by castelyn 25 Jul 2010

Hi Gwen,
Did you make the pictures smaller?
When you loaded them did you press save and then go onto the next loading.

Hope this helps
Hugs Yvonne

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grobin by grobin 25 Jul 2010

Hi Yvonne,
Thank you for telling me. The problem was not saving before uploading.
I have now uploaded several projects that I made for my new grandson.