by katmug 23 Jul 2010

I don't know if this is the correct spot to write this(hope so)! I just wanted to say how WONDERFULLY TALENTED,GENEROUS,CREATIVE AND AMAZING you all are!!! Hope to one day share something! Kathy


by mad14kt 23 Jul 2010


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katmug by katmug 23 Jul 2010

Hi there mad14kt! Thanks for taking time to say hi and welcome! I love cruises! He he
Hope you got the flower!

by jrob Moderator 23 Jul 2010

Welcome, Kathy and you are right. This is like finding buried treasure on the internet.;)

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katmug by katmug 23 Jul 2010

Flower for you jrob! Thanks for the welcome note!!! I HAVE struck GOLD! Yeeha

by keeponsewing 23 Jul 2010

Welcome, Kathy. You're right! There are a lot of talented, well informed cuties here.

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katmug by katmug 23 Jul 2010

Hey keeponsewing thanks for the GREAT welcome. You are talented too by the looks of it...just to put that cute pic up is talent.(I have no idea how you did it!) Thanks again, hope you got the flower!!!

by leenova54 23 Jul 2010

Aren't cuties the best? I will never be able to digitize anything and it is wonderful that so many people are willing to share their talents with us! *4U

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katmug by katmug 23 Jul 2010

Hi there Leenova54! I bet you digitize something before me!!! Yes Cuties are amazing!
Flower for you and I'll see you around here! Thanks for the message! :)

by designgirl 23 Jul 2010

I see you are new to the Cute site. Just wanted to welcome you. You will love it here. It is the greatest site to belong to. Here is a flower for you. Lynn

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katmug by katmug 23 Jul 2010

Hi Lynn yes I am fairly newand still definitely making my way around this great site! I do LOVE it! Thanks for the flower and hopefully I am sending one back!

by judybell 23 Jul 2010

Hi Kathy. I agree with you 100%. This is a great site and I know you will soon be sharing as well.
Have a great day. God bless, Judy

katmug by katmug 23 Jul 2010

Thanks for the welcome Judy! I am already addicted ! It's midnight here in Aus and I should go to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. Have a great day Judy. Enjoy!

katmug by katmug 23 Jul 2010

Hope you got my flower!?