by dgarner 19 Jul 2010

Guess what?! My granddaughter is WALKING!! She will be 1 year old on Aug. 4th. They live about 5 hours away, and sent us a video on the cell phone; I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!



by camylow 24 Jul 2010

OOOh Dianne, I can't wait for my GD to start...she already practically runs while crawling...her little fanny is in the air..hands down and feet flat on the floor...already got quite a few bruises going too...I think she is going to be like her uncle...boy does her mama got it coming....i guess she gots what is coming to her...

by nhsmith55 24 Jul 2010

Dick Tracy had it right years and years ago! Video calls are so exciting. Like being there.

by lbrow 24 Jul 2010

congratulations!! buuuutttt Lol their troubles are just beginning, she'll get into things they never dreamed she could get into. *

by read180 22 Jul 2010

It is great to be able to see those first steps. Way to go. I got to witness the first steps of my grandson. I was babysitting back in June. Right before his first birthday>
Cindy B.

by crafter2243 Moderator 20 Jul 2010

Love technology. I remember tryig to get my son to say something on the phone to my mother in Germany. NOTHING. My mother didn't hear the hello and I had to empty my savings account. Now you can see each other via Skype and the like and it costs nothing. Good for grandparents. Isn't it great to watch them?

by 02kar Moderator 20 Jul 2010

It is so wonderful to watch a little one grow and reach milestones. I am 1700 miles from friends and family and depend on my cellphone and Skype to keep up. But, of course, my 3 year old great nephew sees no reason to stay and talk to me yet. But I do get to see him briefly when talking to his mom.

by keeponsewing 20 Jul 2010

Congratulations! It won't be long before she will be running...The grow up so fast. Wish I could just put them in a bottle so they stay little longer. LOL

by kalinelson 19 Jul 2010

Technology has certainly changed our wonderful to be able to see your granddaughter walking and to be able to watch over and over probably walked around all day with a smile on your is good.....Janet

by shirlener88 19 Jul 2010

Diane, that is so wonderful - that it is captured on their cell phone - I do hope they have a way to transfer it to their PC - mine does that and I love it - because I will have it saved now. CONGRATULATIONS - a big step in her growth.

by judybell 19 Jul 2010

That is great that you got to see her first steps. We are 10 hours from our grandson and I wish 16 years ago we could have had such technology. They are so sweet at that age and all ages. God bless, Judy

by clawton 19 Jul 2010

Aren't cell phones nice to be able to see things like that. So much more immediate information.

by mariahail 19 Jul 2010

watch out...this is the beginning of the terrible two's. Terrible two's usually start when the child is about a year old and it ends when they are about 35 years old!!!!!LOL.

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camylow by camylow 24 Jul 2010

you are wrong dh is 53 and still is a handful..hehehe