by embroiderymad 17 Jul 2010


WE need to work TOGETHER and VOTE FOR THE SAME DESIGN to win requests and then more people can get what they request.

It is the Design with the highest VOTES that wins AND ONLY 1 DESIGN A DAY. We need to VOTE for the SAME Design or WE are wasting OUR time.


by softhearted1 18 Jul 2010

Thanks for all the work and effort that you are putting in to organizing the voting requests. It is truly appreciated. If we stick together as a group, eventually all the missing letters will be made available. We need just have a little patience. Thanks bunches for what you do :)

by msfancyvip 18 Jul 2010

Hat's off to you Embroderymad, thanks for your attempts to help so many...I'll keep on voting for the majority since it's the only logical way to tilt the odds of getting the missed letters. Thank you! `Rita

by mops Moderator 18 Jul 2010

I've had a membership for 2 1/2 years, so I don't need letters from this side or from Amazing, but I too vote for each letter you suggest - and have been doing that when Letvia organised the voting. When we all band together it works, otherwise there's no chance to get the letter. I can see why others gave up, I hope nasty comments about being queen are like water of a duck's back and don't upset you!

by ichbines 18 Jul 2010

I wonder about this discussion here.
I thought votingrequest is a little fun here and with a little click you can help others to be happy!

Embroiderymad you're doing a great job here and you are so right! I look for your post each day and I´m voting for the letter you have asked for,normally I don´t need the letters, but have fun to support you and to reach the one asked for.

One letter will win each day and if all whose are voting will follow your post everyone will get the letter asked for day by day.

by quiltgrama 18 Jul 2010

I do not need any letters nor do many of the others but they all vote to try to help each other. That is what this is all about. That is the cutie spirit. Hugs to everyone.

by shilly 17 Jul 2010

I say good for those who are generous enough to try ans help others get their missing letters; that is the true cutie spirit! It also seems LOGICAL to band together to vote for ONE letter per day even if it only serves to increase our chances, that is why I have decided to side with the voice of REASON and will vote for the letters u siggest. DON'T let the negativity affect your wish to help others with the process. Bravo to U embroiderymad!

by emily16838 17 Jul 2010

Thanks for all your effort

by haydebug 17 Jul 2010

I agree! Sorry for all your trouble Embroiderymad!!!Thanks for helping others!!!

by lbrow 17 Jul 2010

Now you know why Letvia gave up on it. Hang in there Monica. We appreciate what you are doing. *

by maryanns66 17 Jul 2010

What is a shame and sad to me is how many people plan their lives around not just this site, but others. What does it really matter if letters or a free design is missed..somewhere?
I guess I just don't have the 'addiction' like many people do.
I very rarely see anyone here post a project with any of the designs free or purchased from Cute, Amazing, Adorable...or DBS. This tells me most purchase from other sites. Take a look in projects and you will see.

So my point is why should people be angry with each other over a silly design that they will more than likely never use.

And no I don't have a paid membership at any site on the internet, but yes if there is a design I like, I collect it. If not, I leave it, and my world certainly doesn't crash if I miss something. I don't play on the computer all day.

Some will take this all wrong, and be angry, but that's okay. My intention is to just speak for myself and the real life I have that does not revolve around any embroidery forum or design.

Is voting request really so important that people get angry and feelings are hurt? Not to me...sorry.

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embroiderymad by embroiderymad 18 Jul 2010

How true you are

by leenova54 17 Jul 2010

I agree embroiderymad, you are trying to make this a simple process with organization and some people are just too selfish to go with the flow. Best wishes to you!

7thguest by 7thguest 17 Jul 2010

Too selfish?? REALLY?? I care less about the voting and getting my letter. I thought it was fun, at first. What I care about is people trying to make others feel bad for talking on this site. People were just asking others to vote for a stupid letter and they get put down for doing it and now you are basically saying I am selfish..obviously you are talking to me.
WOW..I was totally right about you people. I don't want part of a site that you cannot have free speech and are called names for doing so. Shame on you. It seems like somebody gets their letter every day without making everyone line up like lemmings.. there is a letter that wins every day so what is with all this stuff telling people what to do and what to say...I am out of here....have fun running the's all yours! People going along with the flow is how countries get in BIG trouble!

keeponsewing by keeponsewing 18 Jul 2010

Goodness! I truly don't understand what this is all about and I haven't seen your name mentioned anywhere regarding this subject. Why are you taking this personally? You haven't been the only one whom I've seen requesting alphabets..Leaving is your choice, but we do have a great group of ladies here that give without asking in return. Hope you find a website that fits your needs. Blessings...Terre

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by daisy530 17 Jul 2010

Lighten up! This site is really becoming negative lately. Voting should be fun and not a chore.

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embroiderymad by embroiderymad 17 Jul 2010

Yes it should be fun. BUT how fun is it when NO ONE gets their requests

by keeponsewing 17 Jul 2010

I'm so sorry, I'm one of those that doesn't need them, but just vote for them all everyday. I will pay closer attention so we can work together and everyone can get their letters properly.

hanna56 by hanna56 17 Jul 2010


lenamae by lenamae 18 Jul 2010

yes they are

by embroiderymad 17 Jul 2010

People are entitled to place their requests on the forum they DON'T have to ask me. The IDEA of having one person organise daily requests, is so you have more numbers voting for the SAME DESIGN and a much better chance of getting YOUR REQUEST. You only have to look at the number of requests you need to win to see you need a large group working together.

by hanna56 17 Jul 2010

After a while - we all will learning how to work together and vote for others. For me it's new but I think I will be part if anybody wants me to support - even if it is only a voting.
God bless a good and healthy community
( I mean He is already doing this, not "may be")

by lildoll 17 Jul 2010

don't let those with bad thoughts get you upset, i don't need any letters anymore, but i vote with you everyday, there have been some that got under my skin, god put us all here the same way, keep up the good work, theres a lot of us with with you !!!!

by 7thguest 17 Jul 2010

You know I ask people to vote for a letter I need but I surely do NOT expect them too. GEEZ, I signed up years ago and forgot about this place..then just came across it again and stared getting the frog design. I love this site now and thought everyone was nice...uhhuh! I really didn't know there were RULES to follow...well EXCUSE me! Who died and made you the Queen? You sound a bit snobby here. Chill out! Keep your J...I'll pay a buck for it and be done with asking or kissing up to you to get your permission to vote for a letter.

embroiderymad by embroiderymad 17 Jul 2010

I am certainly NOT refering to just you there are many doing it. I understand that you want your J and I want to help you. I only started helping with requests about 2 weeks ago. If we all work togther YOU will get your J. When I first joined there was a large group Voting together and people were getting their request. I DO NOT want to be Queen.
Want to help as many people as I can and that DOES INCLUDE YOU.

7thguest by 7thguest 17 Jul 2010

I was just having fun trying to get the letter I needed. I figured eventually it would come around. Then this made it seem a bit too serious. It was like people were getting reprimanded for asking others to vote for the letter they needed. Who knew it had to be organized? If I never get the J I will truly try to go on with my life...I think I can get through it...maybe with a little therapy.....

embroiderymad by embroiderymad 17 Jul 2010

I though the way you posted your request was great. I truly do NOT want to make this site negative in anyway.

I am just trying to get everyone to work together NOT AGAINEST each other.
If I have in anyway than I do APOLOGISE.

1ladyb by 1ladyb 18 Jul 2010

Thanks for your help embroiderymad, I try to vote also for the request. You can't please everyone all the time so don't worry about it. I'm missing a few on the caterpillar and just keep voting so I will eventually get them I think. Hang in there 7thguest embroiderymad is just trying to help.

lenamae by lenamae 18 Jul 2010

Embroiderymad I think you do a good job but people should realise if they do not get the design this morning or to day it will still be up the next morning for a few hours.I do not stay on the computer all time I sew for extra income but I check in the morning I check at night it does not take long to do that if I do not get them to day I get up earley the next morning and check and get it , If I am out of town my husband gets them for me I do lots of quilt showq and am gone for a week and he checks every night and gets mine for me if it is something I really want and so i miss one it is only dollar to buy it.
Len aMae

by beatie58 17 Jul 2010

Only one can win each day! I have been reading and voting for the ones you suggest I hope that helps. Sally

by kalinelson 17 Jul 2010

You are so right....I will continue to vote for the letter you request.....thanks for helping everyone to get the letters they missed.

by kathyjt 17 Jul 2010

I agree we need to work together. It would work out much better.

by caroldann 17 Jul 2010

I so agree with you. I have been voting only when I see your daily voting request for ONE letter. It is the only way to go. And as I've said before, I think you are doing an awesome job with this and I know it must get frustrating at times. I do not need any of the letters and like many of the others, am just trying to help those that do. Carol

by crafter2243 Moderator 17 Jul 2010

Hear hear. I myself have membership but want to help other cuties that can not afford them so I vote but I will only vote for your requests because I don't want them to be waisted by being cancelled out. Thanks for all your effort

by shirlener88 17 Jul 2010

Very true - this is part of the reason that other's have started and stopped trying to help. Good luck dear - I try to just vote for whatever you bring up for the day.

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lenamae by lenamae 18 Jul 2010

yes you are Appreciated don't let them get you down some times I just down load the letters I know I will use .all the fuss and most people will not use all of them some will never use any of them I I do not get one and I need it at a loter date I just go on and buy it what is a dolar it will want buy much of any thing elae

by gerryb 17 Jul 2010

You're doing good! I look for your post each day & go vote, just don't usually comment that I have voted. Keep up the good work.