by lorifay 15 Jul 2010

I'm not sure where to look for your answers, my email is


by mary51 15 Jul 2010

I think you already got an answer. Welcome!!!

by 02kar Moderator 15 Jul 2010

There are 4 different sites that Miss Veronika has. Cute and Amazing Embroidery each have a membership. To get both sites you need to pay for each membership. The Applique site and Alphabet sites are different sites. They do not have memberships to purchase. On both of these sites we need to purchase any of the designs that we like, but the designs are at a very reasonable price. Check the Alphabet site each week. Miss Veronika offers specials on the newest alphabet and 4 of the previously offered alphabets. That is how I purchase sny that I like. Welcome to our family.

by lflanders 15 Jul 2010

If you are not a paid member,you do have to remember to sign in when you get to the site.. Veronika's site are all separate sites. On Amazing and Cute you can but a 6 month membership to download all of the designs as they are posted. I am pretty sure that the other sites do not have the same option. You have to either get the daily frrealpha or design or Pay for the whole set at one time.(or single)... Her membership usually goes on sale a couple of times a year but it is a good deal at the original price. Of course, sometimes we just do not have it to spend but the designs are of wonderful quality and if you have taken the time to look at all of the designs and check out the prices, you have realized what a great deal the membership is! Even at the price per item it is still a bargain but much less expensive at the membership deal. Lori, I do not hink I have welcomed you to the Group! It is nice to have you on board. Stay around and get a feel for the site and check out everything and I think you will love it here. This is the greatest group online! Linda

by iris2006 15 Jul 2010

Lorifay, when you have a membership on that includes all the designs under the tabs like : designs, redwork, alphabets, lace, applique and crossstitch. When you refer to the sistersite cute it is not possible to have a memebershiop buy you can buy each alpha individualy. Hope this makes sence for you.

by keeponsewing 15 Jul 2010

Welcome Lori. I'm still fairly new, but to answer your question. If you are a paid member of cute embroidery you can d/l the complete package after all items have been posted. Click on the above tab alphabet and click on the package you want, then there are two d/l places. paid members are on the left. Then follow the rest of the directions given. The best way to learn this website is by click tabs to see where they take you and what they do. :) That is how I learned also. But never be afraid to ask questions. Someone might have a different answer also, since I am newer that most. ;)

by mops Moderator 15 Jul 2010

You can have a membership for CuteEmbroidery, there's a different one for the sistersite AmazingEmbroideryDesigns and there are NO memberships for AdorableApplique or CuteAlphabets.

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mops by mops 15 Jul 2010

You say you have been asking this question over and over, I don't see where as your last question here was 14 Dec 2009.