by outback43 12 Jul 2010

I made these for 4 G-dtrs using a design from 'catsnhorses'.


by stickmuster 17 Jul 2010

very nice set ***

by maryp1 13 Jul 2010

What a great idea! I must try these.

by milas 13 Jul 2010

Very nice job

by colonies1 13 Jul 2010

very to know how to make them.

by nini 12 Jul 2010

Beautiful! I had never heard about pilowcase dresses! Now I have to learn about it!***

by lflanders 12 Jul 2010

These are very cute! I am going to check this out a bit further! They look like they would be fun to make and I am sure the little girls would love them! What do you do for thr armholes? Looks like it was just cut at a slant and hemmed??? I have got to go and find out how to do them! Thanks for sharing these cute little pillowcase dresses!

outback43 by outback43 13 Jul 2010

Thanks, I don't know how to link you on here but if you can't find instruction please let me know and I will try to help. Everyone does them a lil different but they sure are fun, fast and COOL for our lil girls in this heat.

colonies1 by colonies1 13 Jul 2010

pleae email me the instructions I can't seem to find them amywhere. I have granddaughters. Thank you in advance.

by outback43 12 Jul 2010

Thank you each and every one for the nice to you !

by jofrog2000 12 Jul 2010

So cute! I have grandsons! I used to make my daughter all sorts of things. Keep sharing.

by tippi 12 Jul 2010

This pattern is what Nancy'c notions are making for the kids in Africa. I have 7 made for them with more to do. They are soooo easy.

by mysew1325 12 Jul 2010

pretty.. great job

by leenova54 12 Jul 2010

Very cute! I saw a woman at the flea market yesterday selling these little sundresses using print fabrics. Sorry I didn't notice how much she was charging.

by rwalden 12 Jul 2010

Very nice.

by dilceia 12 Jul 2010

Very beautiful!
But, what is dress pillowcase????

lindalee757 by lindalee757 12 Jul 2010

you use a pillowcase to make the little dresses

outback43 by outback43 12 Jul 2010

youtube has some great videos for learning to make these pillowcase dresses, thank you !

nini by nini 12 Jul 2010

I had never heard of this! Great idea! I'll try to find it!

by auntbaba 12 Jul 2010

Very cute!

by shirlener88 12 Jul 2010

Looks great.

by castelyn 12 Jul 2010

well done *4u