by embroiderymad 07 Jul 2010

If no one objects I would like to have a go at organising the voting request.

But it will only work if you are willing to help.


by glynnis 08 Jul 2010

I definitely vote for it!! Good luck, we all behind you on this one. God bless

by shilly 07 Jul 2010

think it,s great that you want to organize this-I'll defintely vote.

by rwalden 07 Jul 2010

I'll help

by kalinelson 07 Jul 2010

I'll be glad to help.....thanks for taking this on.

by kalinelson 07 Jul 2010

I'll be glad to help.....thanks for taking this on.

kalinelson by kalinelson 07 Jul 2010

OOPS! I hope someone can delete this....didn't mean to double...sorry.

embroiderymad by embroiderymad 07 Jul 2010

NO need to delete. I'll just give you 2 flowers

by cutegirl 07 Jul 2010

I am happy to give my vote.

by nhsmith55 07 Jul 2010

You will have my votes.

by noah 07 Jul 2010

If i can help i glagly will!!carolyn

by caroldann 07 Jul 2010

I will be happy to help and vote for whatever letter
is requested. Carol

by gerryvb 07 Jul 2010

that would be great. more result if this is organised. Great you want to give it a try.

by guruofgardens 07 Jul 2010

Yes! We'd love this organization. We lost power and I missed the frog G, but I'll vote for any letter that's requested.

by jrob Moderator 07 Jul 2010

Let's give it a shot, again and see what happens. I have membership, but I'd be willing to help others.

by gg2009 07 Jul 2010

Go for it ... I already voted for the P, per your request. You can count on me and ttt for others to see. GG

by msfancyvip 07 Jul 2010

I'm on board...I'll be on the lookout for your posts. Thanks for making the attempt to help! ~Rita

by lv2sew 07 Jul 2010

What a wonderful offer...Maybe a new post alerting all the new members of how to ask for a vote would help to encourage them to do so..This would certainly help with all the postings requesting a letter...*4u..

by gerryb 07 Jul 2010

I'll be glad to vote for the letter you put up each day. But hopefully people will send you their request & not just put it out there. If you vote for more than one letter each day, it defeats the purpose! Hard job, good luck. What ever you do, I will not complain! Tks for taking it on!

by crafter2243 Moderator 07 Jul 2010

Go for it. Don't take it personal if it doesn't work. I had tried and gave up after a while.I will vote for your requests. Good luck

1 comment
embroiderymad by embroiderymad 07 Jul 2010

Yes I remember when you tried. It will only work if the numbers are there to vote. We can only try.

by mooie24 07 Jul 2010

count me in :-)
thank you
Mooie xx

by kathyjt 07 Jul 2010

Sounds good to me. We need someone who is willing to do this, thanks.

by beatie58 07 Jul 2010

Sounds good! we can all help I am sure!

by raels011 07 Jul 2010

I will help Good Luck

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by colonies1 07 Jul 2010

yep good luck and we will all help.<br />I know a lot of us need some from Amazing embroidery inwhich I need the V in Funny Bear font
Let us know how you are going to do it and I will vote.

by shirlener88 07 Jul 2010

Please - it worked in the past - but another group got ahold of the voting and nothing we were doing was helping - but if you would like to give it a go - GO FOR IT! Good luck - I will look for your postings.

by maryjo 07 Jul 2010

I can't see any reason why anyone would object. Like I said in the other post tho...based on comments by those who have tried before, It ain't an easy job. I wish you Good Luck and much support from the whole family! ( Cuties that is)