by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

I didn't think you could do that. I originally thought you could only vote for one design in a 24 hr. period. You can vote for every design you want. Thing is..if you do that aren't you kindof canceling yourself out? Just did a little experiment and sure enough I voted for all the funnybearfont numbers and every vote posted. Just a Hmmmmmmmmmm..moment for me.


by iris2006 08 Jul 2010

Congrats on the "P"

by kazza 08 Jul 2010

See nice things come to those that wait........!!!

by mooie24 07 Jul 2010

I just made it vote 28 which is my lucky number
best of luck this time :-)
Big hugs from london
Mooie xxx

by iris2006 07 Jul 2010

Just voted #17 Please cuties lets all vote for the P

by pennifold 07 Jul 2010

I just voted again and it's now up to 11! Love Chris

by gg2009 07 Jul 2010

It's up and I tried again ... #7 or 8.

by nualaa 07 Jul 2010

Voted # 103. Think you might get it this time, it has the most votes. Good luck.

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by connies 07 Jul 2010

Hi Maryjo voted again today #101 now hope we get it today.
Seems it was much easier to reach the C than P...:)
Flowers for all voted with us!

by arisann 07 Jul 2010

Just voted. 96 hope you get it. If not I think they are only $1. Sometimes I have to buy one or two. I Just say well Thank you Lord for the other free ones. But like you I do hate it when I miss one. I think maybe they might put it up again since so many need the letters. I will keep voting for you. Oh and you can not vote but one time for each letter is the way I have seen it.

by daisy530 06 Jul 2010

#95 :)

by raels011 06 Jul 2010

Now at 94 Here's hoping

by kttyhwk4 06 Jul 2010

#91 Could be they may be running the complete set again as several have asked for it.

by katydid 06 Jul 2010

Oh, sweetie, I don't know.

by debrar 06 Jul 2010

I was 90

by bunnylane 06 Jul 2010

voted no at should get it

by lbrow 06 Jul 2010

Voted for your p earlier today when it was in the 30s. Don't give up we are still pulling for you. What some people do not know is there are a lot of other people who are not cuties who are voting for some of the designs . Hang in there *

1 comment
maryjo by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

I do know about the others, but I figure if all of us work together for a common goal how could we lose. I'm an optomist!!

by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

Thank you all so much for joining my quest! It's like an adventure now and we're all going on it together. I feel so loved!!!

by beatie58 06 Jul 2010


by leenova54 06 Jul 2010

Where do I find the P you want voted for? Never mind, gramsbear had a link for me. I have never voted before (thought you had to be a member) and can't find a P with that many votes.

leenova54 by leenova54 06 Jul 2010

Thanks, I did find it and I bookmarked it so I will find it every day.

by lflanders 06 Jul 2010

P is now up to 72. Good luck. I do know what it is like to be on a very limited budget.

by 1ladyb 06 Jul 2010

Just voted for the P and it was up to 70.
Hope you get it.

by joann13100 06 Jul 2010

Yes, you can vote for more than one letter a day, but it cancels out your vote, as both will increase in number. Not sure why anyone would want to vote for more than one, it negates the first vote you made---
I voted for the P, it's up to 64 votes now.

by kalinelson 06 Jul 2010

I voted again today for the P (and only the P)....I sure hope you get your letter.....Oh I forgot to put in I was #55.

by mollymarie 06 Jul 2010

Could I suggest something,,,, If you were to buy a membership as i do and many others you never have to miss or wait for another design again... It is well worth every cent. I hope this didnt sound to harsh,

maryjo by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

I realize it would be so much easier if I purchased a membership...but which one shall I purchase on my limited income...Cute Embroidery, Cute Alphabets, Amazing embroidery or one of the dozens of others. You see I can't get them all and no matter what I'd still run the risk of missing a freebie here or there. So until I hit the lottery I will have to rely on the kindness of friends and try to get the ones I miss voted back. Just as I try to vote for the ones others miss. Not harsh..just a fact of life!

embroiderymad by embroiderymad 06 Jul 2010

I too am on limited income so I too membership for 6mth with cute it has expired and now I have 6mth with amazing when it expires will come back to cute.
But I must say it is fun collect the free designs and love to help collect missed letters.

queenofhearts by queenofhearts 06 Jul 2010

As stated above, With a limited income some of us can't get all the memberships that we would like to have. We have to pick and chose and hope we don't miss any freebies we want and if we do we can purchase them cheaper than paying for a membership.(unless of course you are missing too mamy)

by embroiderymad 06 Jul 2010

Voted for the P #50

by kazza 06 Jul 2010

Here's the link for funnybear p - votes are now at 43

embroiderymad by embroiderymad 06 Jul 2010

bring you to the top

shirlener88 by shirlener88 06 Jul 2010


by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Jul 2010

Voted again for your P

by quiltgrama 06 Jul 2010

Have voted for you but please remember we are not the only group that can vote on that site and many times a group from designs by sick will out vote us. But we all do try. Hugs Lisa

by marjialexa Moderator 06 Jul 2010

Ok, voted for the P, my vote made 35! Best of luck to you, MaryJo! Hugs, Marji

by marjialexa Moderator 06 Jul 2010

Ok, voted for the P, my vote made 35! Best of luck to you, MaryJo! Hugs, Marji

by queenofhearts 06 Jul 2010

If you are voting for more than one letter/number you are cancelling out your votes. I have been voting for the funnybearfont #8 along with 20 other people but the letter requests are much farther ahead. If you are not voting for someones else request please consider voting for the #8 for the next few days. Thanks

1 comment
maryjo by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

So many people missed letters in this font. We really should just do the whole font over from the beginning. But that would defeat Veronika's purpose of selling them. The 8 has been added to my list along with E, 2, TUVY. Several of the designs being requested have already been up twice. Those I don't vote for cause if you miss it twice too bad. Hope we can get to them before the font changes.

by jacquipaul 06 Jul 2010

Voted for the P of funny bear; hope it helps.

by mooie24 06 Jul 2010

voted again for p for you, upto number 30 now already :-)
good luck big hugs from London
Mooie xxx

by shirlener88 06 Jul 2010


by sewingnonni 06 Jul 2010

Remember, it only costs $1.00 per alpha. If you only miss a letter or two, it doesn't cost too much to buy it. There are a few letters I've missed in previous alphas.

maryjo by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

Can't buy 1 letter...there is a $5. minimum order. So I have to wait til I need 5 designs. IS that tight!!

sewingnonni by sewingnonni 06 Jul 2010

I'm sorry. I didn't know about the minimum.

bikermoms by bikermoms 06 Jul 2010

When I miss letters, I just go and buy them.

iris2006 by iris2006 07 Jul 2010

Not every one is in the position to buy.

by msfancyvip 06 Jul 2010

I know how frustrating it is to miss a letter and I agree with the multiple voting does kind of defeat the purpose of voting IMHO. On a positive note though...I was just vote #16 for the I'll keep my fingers crossed for you on tomorrows letter. Good Luck~ ~Rita

by psssst 06 Jul 2010

I agree if someone says they will vote for the letter you want and then the same day votes for other letters that other people want they have made it more difficult for you to get the letter you have been trying to get. It would be nice if people would just have an order about it and knock them off one day at a time.
I just voted and P is leading at 15 followed by K with 9

by gramsbear 06 Jul 2010

It also may help if the link was available to readers. Here it is, I hope!!! I voted #13! Hugs, Judy
<br /><br />

sewmom by sewmom 06 Jul 2010


maryjo by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

I included the link when I was requesting your votes. This posting was an "I Give Up". Who knows..maybe that's the way to get a missed letter..just give up on it!!

by mousemaster 06 Jul 2010

What "P" do you need I will be glad to send it....just let me have you e-mail :-)

1 comment
maryjo by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

OHHHH NOOOO!! Sharing of designs free or otherwise constitutes copyright infringement. Never share an embroidery design whether you got it free or paid for it.

by meganne 06 Jul 2010

Voting for P is up to 11 already Maryjo, so maybe tomorrow your request will be successful.
Good luck. hugs n roses, Meganne

by 7thguest 06 Jul 2010

Mary Jo...I missed the J so if you could e-mail me the J at I can send you the P since I will then have your e-mail address and I can just hit return and attach the P. Okay? Thanks. Kathy

gramsbear by gramsbear 06 Jul 2010

That would be so nice of you, BUT, we agreed when we get designs that we won't share or email them to others, or sell them, etc. etc. I have a hard time too, because I love to help everyone ad I love to share what I have, but no sharing on emb designs. Hugs, Judy

mousemaster by mousemaster 06 Jul 2010

Good Morning, What "J" do you need??? I will be glad to send it :-)

mousemaster by mousemaster 06 Jul 2010

OH sorry.....I just figured IF they were free.....But OK I understand, soooo sorry gals but I guess it is against the rules here....

maryjo by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

Actually it is against the rules pretty much everywhere..especially in the USA>

marjialexa by marjialexa 06 Jul 2010

Ladies, just to clear something up for you, "sharing" designs is not only against the rules of a website, it's against the law, because it's a copyright violation. Designs, whether sold or given as freebies, BELONG to the designer. You are given the right to sew them out on articles, but NOT to share that design with anyone else. That's legally classified as 'stealing' from the design owner. If you've been sending designs to others that aren't yours to give (and don't we all want to help each other out? I know it's hard!), please stop. It may seem like a kindness to a fellow embroiderer, but it's not very kind to the person who put all the work into digitizing the design. It's too bad, but it seems like dealers who sell machines tell you all about the machine itself (or sometimes not), but don't seem to mention this "copyright law" thing to new embroiderers when they talk about designs. Hope I helped clarify this for some of you, it was nice of you to offer anyway. And "Mousemaster", I just love your screen name! That's what I call my big male cat Dancer, because in his younger days he was a true Mouse-Master, hee hee hee. Big hugs to all, and I'm voting for you, MaryJo. Marji

maryjo by maryjo 06 Jul 2010

Glad to see ya Marji..long time!