by clv6992 27 Nov 2007

I downloaded the letters Christmasfonts F and G, however, only the name of the font downloaded. I get a blank square when I toggle the letter choice. What can I do to replace these free fonts?


by siouxx05 30 Nov 2007

They arent blank, they are white.. you may need to put them onto a dark background somehow to see them....

by cutiepie 28 Nov 2007

You should contact the CuteEmbroidery Customer service (there is a link at the top of the Questions page) and ask there. Nobody here can do anything to help you since we are just fellow members and it is illegal to share digitial copies of the designs. Of course, the "quick and easy" way would be to purchase a 6 month membership and just download away on any designs you want/need. I know I've not been sorry for even a moment for buying mine. It is more than worth the money. =] I hope you get your situation resolved.

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clv6992 by clv6992 28 Nov 2007

Thanks for answering. I realized we cant share designs, but I was wondering if anyone had the same problem and what might be the cause. The indications were that the icon was normal, but only part of the design is showing if I select to open a design. Looks like only part of the design came through