by mel08 05 Jul 2010

How would you feel, if YOU had a great design out there and somebody took it and made money off of it? I have started to inquire to several of the designs in question with the line "Do you have the permission from the originator or owner of the image to digitize the design?"

If you did not draw the original idea design yourself or purchase the permission (it can be costly) to use the design...then you don't have any business selling it out there...
this is so wrong on so many levels......

OK end of ranting.....


by kazza 05 Jul 2010

People like you amuse me, who are you to ask or even lecture someone on copyright! Since when have you been assigned the duties of the police or law makers. How do you know that they do not have permission and isn't it their business not yours that you are poking your nose into! Do you have nothing else to do except lurk and pry!

mel08 by mel08 05 Jul 2010

Please review the following information from this site. This the Copyright Law of the United States of America
and Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States Code.

It is my business, because I do not want illegal designs and will not support those who allow such.

kazza by kazza 06 Jul 2010

Just because I don't go round spouting it and being holy than thou about it does not mean that I don't believe in the copyright laws, infact I do but I really don't think wee need it shoved down our throats every 5 minutes. The majority of people on this site know what copyright means and generally abide by it, but you will never stop the 10% who don't - that is human nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ansalu 05 Jul 2010

Hello mel
that's right what you write. I put your post from 3.June on top again because this is really important.

Are there in America although crazy laws like her in germany that you can protect a nature symbol?
Here we had a lot of trouble because Jack Wolfskin (outdoor-seller like northwest) wants to warn some little crafters selling things with paws on it at DaWanda ( kind of german Etsy). Not only the wolfpaw from their logo, they go against every pawdesign. One used a Michael-Millerfabric with catpaws on it and she get a notice about more than 900,-€; for 2 little mirrors with that fabric on it!
Because of all the attention they got from the blogs and craftersites and then the press inform the people right before christmas about that nasty behave they reedem the rate but still think that they are right and nobody is allowed to use an animal footprint! :o(