by renee59102 05 Jul 2010

What does the 'Flowers: 37, and a graphic flower mean next to me? thank you


by embroiderymad 06 Jul 2010

Welcome to the group here's another flower

by joann13100 06 Jul 2010

Flowers are a sign of friendship from other Cuties.
And * 4 U means they are sending you a flower. Welcome to the group.

by shilly 06 Jul 2010

Welcome, I'd also like to help your garden grow.*4u

by dlmds 06 Jul 2010

Here is another flower for your collection. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the "Cute" family and the site. H&*

by crafter2243 Moderator 06 Jul 2010

You got all the answers. All that is left for me to do is give you another flower and say WELCOME.

by joanne8125 06 Jul 2010

Welcome to the group and I hope you get as much enjoyment and knowledge out of it as I have

by camylow 06 Jul 2010

welcome abroad....glad you found us....

by rwalden 06 Jul 2010

Welcome to "cute" Here's another *4U

by 02kar Moderator 06 Jul 2010

Welcome to the Cute family. And I see that your garden is already growing.

by lindalee757 05 Jul 2010

Welcome to cute Renee-get ready to spend hours going all over the site and reading about everyone from all over. I am handing you a flower to add to your bouquet~~Linda~~

by sewmom 05 Jul 2010

Welcome and flower #20 for you.

by read180 05 Jul 2010

Welcome to cute renee hoope you enjoy this site.
Cindy B.

by pennifold 05 Jul 2010

Dear Renee,

Welcome to the best site on the WWW. I'd like to add to your bouquet and give you another flower - so now you'll have 54.

Love and blessings Chris, Newcastle, Australia

by kalinelson 05 Jul 2010

I just started participating....I thought you had have a paid memebership to join in, not true.....already I'm learning and find this a very friendly and informative group.....Enjoy and Welcome.

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daisy530 by daisy530 05 Jul 2010

We're glad you are here too :)

by daisy530 05 Jul 2010

Welcome to the group :)

by gramsbear 05 Jul 2010

I just can't go by and see anyone with a 0 when they should have flowers! Also, I love everyone, so I give them flowers when I see they have posted. I gave you one to make yours up to 48, and Welcome to Cute, the best site on the web. Hugs, Judy

by iris2006 05 Jul 2010

You've got your answer Welcome to Cute and enjoy

by shirlener88 05 Jul 2010

*4U - every time we see you comment or ask a question - we can add to your bouquet - we can't - if we can't see you.

by lflanders 05 Jul 2010

The other members give flowers to each other when they join in, give directions to new sites, answer questions, are friendly to others that need help or just because they feel like being nice. They are from other members to say,"nice to have you here and hope you enjoy your stay." I, myself thing of them as smiles instead fo flowers. they make me smile!
Wecome to the group! This is a very great group of alot of people all over the world that have a common interest in Machine Embroidery but most everyone's crafts are not limited to the Machine Embroidery. We have some wonderful digitizer's in our group as well as designers. If you ever need to ask a question, someone is going to be able to give you some help because if they do not know, they will research until they find an answer.
This group is more like a great big family NOT just members! The owner of this site has several more also. She supplies us with free designs on regular basis and runs a very clean site.
This is a wonderful group of friends and we all try to help each other. I will add another flower and before you know it, you will have a whole garden of flowers. The more you participate with the group, the more flowers you will receive. Have fun! Look around and read the the blue print to the left side of the page. You will learn alot from it! Again, Welcome to Cute!

jreilly by jreilly 05 Jul 2010

You even get 1 a day just for showing up! :-)

renee59102 by renee59102 05 Jul 2010

Well thank you lflanders and jreilly... this is a wonderful group and I come check it out thanks to everyone who is sending me flowers... Now how do I repay the generosity?

nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 05 Jul 2010

To repay, click on the flowers beside the comments of anyone you choose! And welcome to Cute! ~Nancy

renee59102 by renee59102 06 Jul 2010

thnx to everyone...I sent a flower to all... I've been pretty busy working on my BOM project for this weekend. Got them dun so I was organizing my designs for hours and hours... Oh boy is that an on going pleasure... lol... thnx again everyone... and have a great day when the sun comes up...