Colors: 11 


Design #: 503866
Price: $3.97
Design Details
Size (in): 5.28"(w) x 5.28"(h)
Size (mm): 134 x 134
Stitches: 17500
Colors: 11 Color Chart: View | Print
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rescuer by rescuer 6d ago

If you miss a design, Vote for it and get your Cute friends to help with the voting. This beautiful design was offered for the freebie on the 16th -- Mary -- you must have just missed it. If you need it soon, you could always buy it or purchase a subscription membership.

mreimann55 by mreimann55 6d ago

I went to download this on May 17 for my Mother's Day download for free but it was no longer available, even though it said I had until then. I had visitors from out of town and did not have time to download it until the 17th. Any chance I can still download the design for free? Mary

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Many thanks and hope every body had a good mothers day including you that are so special to us.

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This is so beautiful, thanks.

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Hermoso diseño,gracias,

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is very good

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I love poppies. Thank you very much

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beautiful can't wait to stitch!

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these are so beautiful, thank you so much.

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Thank you. Beautiful design with poppies.

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How beautiful. Poppies mean so much to so many. Thank you.

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Thank you for this lovely design - I can't wait to try it.

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Thank you for a STUNNING design. JUST LOVE THIS!! Keep up all your wonderful work on your designs.

cutepaws by cutepaws 8d ago

Thank you for a wonderful design. JUST LOVE THIS!!

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thank you a very lovely design

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Muchas gracias!!!

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Très beau bouquet, merci

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Thank you soo much for the Mothers day spoils. Gorgeous designs. You are an Angel.

monaels by monaels 9d ago

Thank you soo much for the Mothers day spoils. Gorgeous designs. You are an Angel.

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Thank you! amazing gift!
Muitooo obrigada, essa matriz é maravilhosa!

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Que lindo diseño, muchas gracias

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Perfect poppies! My mom's favorite. Thanks.

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Très joli merci

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Thank you! The poppies are so sweet!

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merci pour ce joli bouquet

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so pretty - thank you x

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So beautiful. Hmmm Where to embroider this?

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grazie infinite

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thank you.......

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Beautiful - thank you

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Сколько много цветочков! Красиво, но все они не войдут в мои пяльца, придется уменьшать(

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спасибо- сошью прихватки с этим дизайном.

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