by maryjo 03 Jul 2010

As of right now the C is tied with the Z at 94 in the funnybearfont. We can still pull off the C if everyone votes Nowbefore the next letter is posted!!! After the C..I need the P.


by daisy530 03 Jul 2010

Voted again for "C".

by softhearted1 03 Jul 2010

Voted too :)

by kalinelson 03 Jul 2010

I voted and now there are 26 votes....I hope this helps.

by mooie24 03 Jul 2010

Oh dear I only want 'C'.. lol ...
so voting mad here believe i just made it 19 votes..
Big hugs from london
Mooie xx

by msfancyvip 03 Jul 2010

I was vote #11 for you guys that need it! Good Luck to you all! ~Rita

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Jul 2010

Voted #6

by connies 03 Jul 2010

Maryjo I did not reach the C as my request from yesterday thanks for your voting.......after the C I will vote for P!

by shirlener88 03 Jul 2010

Maryjo, if we had the link - it would be easier to vote.