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by karma 02 Jul 2010

I tried in Personals but it didn't let me.

This is not a project YET !!! but I will be making her lots of outfits coz she is so so cute
Any ideas will be welcomed
This is my beautiful new addition - her name is "Princess Mia" her parents are show dogs & have won many tropheys etc
I will be picking her up tomorrow & can't wait
Hugs Karma


by psssst 03 Jul 2010

I love Pugs, I often think about getting one... maybe someday! She is soooooooooo adorable. Some ideas for on a coat
I AM the baby.
Spoiled with love.
Cute beyond perfection.
Doggie Diva
Pugs love Hugs
Leash $10 Collar $10 Coat $25 Me? Priceless!

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karenjay by karenjay 03 Jul 2010

I would love to see these on coats - great sayings. And the puppy is gorgeous too.

by joanne8125 03 Jul 2010

She is so cute and I can just picture her in some adorable outfits as she already ahs the pose

by cissie03 03 Jul 2010

How cute, can't wait to see her in a pink tutu!

by nama2 03 Jul 2010

Oooooh, can I come and visit? There is nothing better than a new puppy!

by honeychyle 03 Jul 2010

She is so adorable! I go nuts for puppies!

by shazells 03 Jul 2010

ooooooooooo!!!!!!! dont you just want to hug it just love the face and chubby chops lol

by kt55 03 Jul 2010

She is precious. Love and enjoy your new baby.

by melita 03 Jul 2010

To cute! She sure likes the camera. Congratulations!

by haydebug 02 Jul 2010


by shirlener88 02 Jul 2010

Karma, I see you found a spot to share your new addition - what a cutie - you will have fun making lots of outfits for Princess Mia - won't you?

by kttyhwk4 02 Jul 2010

So cute!

by cloey 02 Jul 2010

That's my favorite type of dog. She is so cute. Shower her in pink outfits.

by jofrog2000 02 Jul 2010

Oh, puppies are so huggable. Enjoy.

by keeponsewing 02 Jul 2010

Princess Mia, is soooo adorable... Love her markings...I can see why her parents are winners...

by softhearted1 02 Jul 2010

Oh my, how adorable :)

by mysew1325 02 Jul 2010

she is sooooooooooooo cute..