by koebakker19 30 Jun 2010

Hartelijk dank voor de bookmark-alphapatronen die mijn kleindochter op school uitdeelt echter ik mis de letter R en S is er een mogelijkheid om deze letters nog te ontvangen bij voorbaat dank je w


by mops Moderator 30 Jun 2010

Do you mean the heart shaped FSL ones that are coming up now as freebies? They are a repeat. You could ask us to vote for them. As you know sharing them is illegal.
Bedoel je de hartjes die nu als freebie verschijnen? Dat zijn herhalingen van een oudere set. Je kunt vragen of mensen ervoor willen stemmen. Je weet ongetwijfeld dat het illegaal is om ze iemand toe te sturen.

Een opmerking over on-line vertalers: maak korte zinnen, anders krijg je heel vreemde en soms onbegrijpelijke vertalingen.

Comment on on-line translators. Use short sentences as complex ones lead to funny and sometimes incomprehensible translations.

by 10tje 30 Jun 2010

Ik heb het even vertaald voor je, want als je om hulp vraagt, kan je het beter in het Engels doen.
Maar als je het niet kan, dan is er altijd die je wil helpen met vertalen.
Ook kan je bij google een vertaler vinden.

I have just the text translated from Dutch to English from koebakker19

Thank you for the bookmark-alpha patterns that give out my granddaughter at school but I miss the letter R and S there is a possibility of these letters to be received in advance thank you w

10tje by 10tje 30 Jun 2010

Tevens welkom bij de cute familie!!*


Welcome to cute!!*

edithfarminer by edithfarminer 30 Jun 2010

Hihi Lotje Mops is right. Your translation is not quite correct lol. It should be that her gand-daughter hands out the bookmarks at school.

mops by mops 30 Jun 2010

I know, now the bookmark patterns are handing out the granddaughter. Problem is those programs translate literally and word for work. They don't take into account different word-order in different languages and sayings and proverbs often are hilarious when translated.

10tje by 10tje 02 Jul 2010

Sorry, but I do my best.
I have indeed used the translator and I have nothing else changed, what I normally do it with my own text.
But you probably understand a little better than Dutch.
I just wanted to help.

We all do our best to help each other and understand.
My English is not so good, hopefully take you to excuse me.
I thought you do not understand Dutch and I thought I use the translator here.
If someone wants to propose a good translation, do it please.
We get no misunderstandings.

I learn from here.
I do not feel bad or anything, I just learn from it.
By coming here daily, my English improved.
it is difficult, because Dutch words or expressions not used in English.
sorry for this.