by francoisen68 29 Jun 2010

Good evening dear Cuties, I need your help. I saw an embroidery site where there are beautiful dogs, most often in picture stitch. Could you help me to find it again, please ??? Hugs


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by teddybear117 30 Jun 2010

Skeldale House Designs was doing embossed dogs over the last few months-all breeds. Missi is going to do cats in the coming months. Join her group and a newsletter is sent with download information.Right now on group she has alaskan malamute, american bulldog, balinese cat, as well as, I heart my cat, I heart my dog, dog or cat board and I luv my cat or dog.

by amhorne 30 Jun 2010

It is probably on Advanced Embroidery, where they have lots of dogs done in photostitch.


by pennifold 30 Jun 2010

Glad to be of help - love and blessings CHRIS

by francoisen68 30 Jun 2010

Yes, Pennifold, it's a good site ! Thank you very much !!! HUGS

by haydebug 29 Jun 2010

Not sure but I will try to hunt for it!!

by pennifold 29 Jun 2010

Good morning Francoise,

It could be Advanced Embroidery they have lovely dogs done in picture stitch.

Love and blessings Chris

by francoisen68 29 Jun 2010

Thank you Sciencewidow, it's a nice site, but it's not this one I am looking for.