by sukiray 28 Jun 2010

Hi Cuties!

The funny bear font "H" is missing from my collection. The gremlin ate it ;)
I've been voting for all the missing numbers & letters for you cuties. Would you be so kind & vote for "H"


by designcrazy 28 Jun 2010

I'm missing the "C" and the no. 2, maybe we'll get the ones we missed.

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nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 28 Jun 2010

I've voted for them.

by shilly 28 Jun 2010

Yes, I voted too.

by shonna 28 Jun 2010

I Looked and looked and couldn't find, then went to my files and see it is on another site.........I'll go there and vote !!

by nhsmith55 28 Jun 2010

Just voted! And thank you for voting for my "A" I also need "J"