digitizer: basketkase 28 Jun 2010

This one is for pamgardner who wanted a chocolate & black lab. I think you can use this for both and just change colors. Let me know if you need me to change the colors for you.....Not tested

Design #: 5000965
Size (in): 3.19"(w)x3.23"(h)   (mm): 81mm(w)x82mm(h)
Stitches: 13413 Colors: 4 Print Color Chart
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Original artwork: My own
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by MDG 25 Oct 2016

Many Thanks

by elain 28 Mar 2013


by keepintouch60 13 Nov 2012

Many Thanks!

by katulle 22 Jul 2012

Хороший дизайн!

by ejtads 21 Jul 2012

Thank You

by phi4 21 Jul 2012

thank you for this wonderful design.

by bnilla9241 21 Jul 2012

Thank you! This will be great on my daughter's dog's Christmas stocking. Wonderfully digitized.

Hugs, Bonnie

by skyannsgranny 21 Jul 2012


by ddouville 21 Jul 2012

In reading comments, you have requests for chocolate & yellow colors. Have you posted these charts or sent them? My daughter has a yellow and a chocolate, these would look good on a hoodie. Thank you,

by sylvia12 19 Jul 2012

thanks, do you have a belgium shepherd?

by postalchick 16 Jan 2012

Do you have a mini schauzer or scotty? That is such a good Lab. Amazing

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basketkase by basketkase 16 Jan 2012

yes, is you look through the pages here, there is a schnauzer somewhere....

by sewdeb 02 Jan 2012

Many thanks for this lovely design. It reminds me of the Lab we had the privilege to know for 13 years! He's been gone 6 years and I still miss him. Thank you so very much! Hugs and *'s to all. Deb

by blueeyedblonde 02 Jan 2012


by dhpjlp 31 Dec 2011

This is beautiful. Do you have a Rottweiler?

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basketkase by basketkase 31 Dec 2011

Yes, there is a Rott in this section amonst the pages, you will have to go on a scavenger hunt though....

by julianna 31 Dec 2011

Beautiful! Is there an English Bulldog? Thank you.

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basketkase by basketkase 31 Dec 2011

Yes, there is an english bulldog, again you will have to look amoung the many pages here......

by kilee 29 Dec 2011

I was not able to open this and was told that "it was not centered" when created. This is just an FYI.

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ansalu by ansalu 29 Dec 2011

I just dl the pes and have it now in embrid without a problem. Which format did you dl? Maybe another pes-version?
Greetings, Bettina

by huckelann 25 Aug 2010

Thank you. We've had labs for the last 12 years, all colors. Raised quite a lot of these little puppies. Best dogs ever.

by katydid 25 Aug 2010

Great job! he looks like a sweet dog.

by arcadiasengland 25 Aug 2010

Want let me download,,,messages says no sewing data available...

by 7sandie7 25 Aug 2010

Thank you so much! Could you please do a color change for me? I'd love to do this for my son for Christmas - Harley passed away and was a yellow lab. I'd so appreciate it! Thanks again for all your work! It is fantastic!

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basketkase by basketkase 25 Aug 2010


by highlandermom 17 Aug 2010

Thank you

by tricheltammy 16 Aug 2010


by omasimmons 12 Jul 2010

Very nice. Thank you.

by jacquipaul 09 Jul 2010

Oh; thank you; this looks like my neighbor's dog, Missy, who recently died and is missed.

by claudenicolas 06 Jul 2010

Thank you especialy for this black labrador, I have one female her name is "Delicia" and she is really delicius

by annita1 06 Jul 2010

Jeanneken my dog thanks you !

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basketkase by basketkase 06 Jul 2010

She is adorable, thank you for sharing!

by slovenka 06 Jul 2010


by castelyn 06 Jul 2010

Thanks so much for this lovely design - hugs Yvonne

by hightechgrammy 05 Jul 2010

I just love this sweet Black Lab. I would love to sew him out as a Yellow Lab. How many colors of black are there? He looks so much like my son's service dog, who died, he brings sweet tears to my eyes. Thank you sew much for sharing him with us!

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basketkase by basketkase 05 Jul 2010

I know, heaven is filled with all our beloved furbabies...love them while we have them!!

by almag 04 Jul 2010

Thank you. This one must have been a real challenge to digitise. He looks like someone said 'Food'!

by francoisen68 02 Jul 2010

Thank you so much ! This dog have living eyes !

by debcarlson 02 Jul 2010

thanks so much

by shadoe 01 Jul 2010

Since you did such a great job of this black lab.I have a black Pom and i never se a black.Hint hint wonder if you could do one?Thanks Jane

by simplyrosie 01 Jul 2010

Hey! That looks like my Rosie. :-) Thanks!!!

by beutelhexe 30 Jun 2010

Super, thank you! He looks exactly like my dog.

by drh2276 29 Jun 2010

Very nice dog, very realistic! Thank you!

by shadoe 29 Jun 2010

Thanks so much

by pamgardner 29 Jun 2010

Thank you so so much perfect perfect perfect. Love it soo soooo much. It is able for both pups. Thank you again so much I love your work. Pam

1 comment
basketkase by basketkase 29 Jun 2010

Your welcome!!

by modo 29 Jun 2010

Thank you*

by rmj8939 29 Jun 2010

Thank you for this. Wish you did a Shih tzu.

basketkase by basketkase 29 Jun 2010

what color?

rmj8939 by rmj8939 05 Jul 2010

she is mostly white with black face.

by ezzemml 29 Jun 2010

Thank you very much.

by holly12 28 Jun 2010

Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I once had a black lab that was great with the kids, and just a really good dog, her only draw back was she was a chewer. But she was great. Thanks again. Arlene

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basketkase by basketkase 28 Jun 2010

My hubby trained a yellow lab years ago for a friend & it was the most mellow dog I even encountered....loved it!!

by maymason1 28 Jun 2010

I'm speechless.... wow, what a talent your sharing. thanks so much.they look so real, will you be doing any dashounds or poodles ?mm

1 comment
basketkase by basketkase 28 Jun 2010

I do have a poodle done already...look around and you will see one. I have a little dachie & kittie togehter in the free designs too somewhere

by catsnhorses 28 Jun 2010

WOW! This is gorgeous and I get to be the first to say THANK YOU!!!

basketkase by basketkase 28 Jun 2010

Thanks.....am getting lots of practic on doggies these days!!

hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy 05 Jul 2010

You do, digitize very nicely. Would you ever consider doing a little mutt that my Mom is in love with? She's 81, losing her memory, but love this little dog they got at the shelter. He looks like lots of "mutts" but I can't find him anywhere on any site. I will be willing to pay.....