by giddygoat 26 Jun 2010

After the 0 could we please vote for the A of the bear font at Amazing to be repeated. Thank you for your help.


by ichbines 26 Jun 2010

I also miss the A hope we can bring it back so PLEASE VOTE for the A next!

by jacquipaul 26 Jun 2010

Will do.

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by iris2006 26 Jun 2010

Just voted #7 for you I added a tag "votingrequest": and I will add the link of the page, taht makes voting easier for people, good luck tomorrow

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giddygoat by giddygoat 28 Jun 2010

Thank you for adding the tag.

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by maryjo 26 Jun 2010

TTT! I somehow missed the A also. Can we please bring it back Cuties?

by nhsmith55 26 Jun 2010

I need the A, too! Thank you.