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by jrob 23 Nov 2007

This is the Christmas outfit that I made for my grandson. I think it is the ELK from this site.


by bratttyangel 09 Mar 2008

Very cute! Thanks for sharing... =)

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jrob by jrob 09 Mar 2008

Thanks for the nice comment! ;)

by gerryvb 09 Mar 2008

I don't know what ELK means, but it's lovely,your grandson must be very pleased!!

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jrob by jrob 09 Mar 2008

Like moose or deer, only bigger.

by shirlener88 08 Mar 2008

jrob, isn't it wonderful to have posted this last November and still have people commenting on it? What a great job and true test of time. Thanks for the great web site info and inspiration on how to do a project like this. Thank you - *4U

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jrob by jrob 08 Mar 2008

well, thank you shirlene! That's mighty sweet of you!.;)

by tmjanecek 07 Mar 2008

You did a GREAT job! I have a brother in law who would probally love this since he loves elk... Well, he actually loves to hunt and eat elk. But, anywhoo... I will be check out that blog for the shes pattern. Thanks for sharing your work and for the links!

by clawton 07 Mar 2008

Sooo cute. I just bet he loved them, especially with a matching shirt.

by nini 07 Mar 2008

Beautiful! I think I'll try one for my grandson, too. Flower for your idea.

by katydid 06 Mar 2008

Very nice!

by nglover1 06 Mar 2008

Such a Cute set. I know your grandson was thrilled. A flower for you.

by letvia 06 Mar 2008

This is so pretty, I like the slippers. How do you make it? Flower

by freida 06 Jan 2008

The little shoes are outstanding. I appreciate the project link. I a

by bkd147 02 Jan 2008

Thanks jrob for the info. I will try this.

by ruthie 02 Jan 2008

They’re absolutely gorgeous Jrob, your grandson must love them.

by jrob Moderator 31 Dec 2007

pattern for shoes:
shirt was a bought

cherylglancy by cherylglancy 07 Mar 2008

I still can't find the project page. Went to stardust shoes...then where? I love this project.

tmjanecek by tmjanecek 08 Mar 2008

On the right side of the page there is a link for "Cloth Baby Shoes." The page it takes you to will have another link directly under the picture. I believe that is the pattern she used, she just did not use any elastic in the heel.

jrob by jrob 08 Mar 2008

actually there is elastic, it was just not really tight in this pair. ;)

jrob by jrob 08 Mar 2008

sorry, about that. ;)

by bkd147 30 Dec 2007

Jrob Please tell me how did you make the shoes and the Shirt. I would

by kira 29 Nov 2007

very nice

by sanjoy51 29 Nov 2007

They look great, love what you have done and the ELK is just right for

by smoke1275 29 Nov 2007

A lovely idea, I'm sure he will be thrilled!!

by bonita1313 29 Nov 2007

Lucky grandson!

by sara 24 Nov 2007

A choice of fabrics for this design is ideal. Great job. Happy Holiday

by persiancatlover 23 Nov 2007

verry nice,lovevly,great job

by sorval 23 Nov 2007

hello jerrilyn i love it what you have make bye sonja