by glynnis 20 Jun 2010

so to all the Dads out there, hope you were all spoilt today, and to those that never had any family to come and see them, I hope God blessed you abundantly today. God bless. Glynnis


by shirlener88 20 Jun 2010

Glynnis, we celebrate Father's Day also in the US - 'You could call Sonora Smart Dodd the "Mother of Father's Day." After all, the holiday, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, was inspired by her. Dodd's mother died in 1898 while giving birth, leaving her father, William Jackson Smart, to raise Dodd and her five younger brothers (including the newborn baby) on a remote farm near Spokane, Wash. While attending a Mother's Day sermon in 1909, Dodd decided that fathers deserve the same recognition.'

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marietta by marietta 20 Jun 2010

This is lovely information Shirlene. I think not many people might know this, me included, thank you for sharing

by marietta 20 Jun 2010

Would be interresting to know where else in the world people are having fathers day today ?.
All that Glynnis has already said to all the fathers over the world.