by karma 19 Jun 2010

My Race 4 Life starts tomorrow & I cannot run because I broke my little toe :-( yesterday.

I am so upset about it BUT I am not going to let anyone down because when it's better I will do the run by myself!!
I have so much sponsers & money for Cancer Reaserch I HAVE TO DO THIS.
My friends think its a great idea rather than not doing it at all & in the meantime I will just hobble around till its better
Oh I forgot to say how I did it ..............
My shopping trolley full of marble tiles for my new bathroon rolled right over it OUCH !! did I scream YES lol
Hope you all have a loverly weekend
Hugs Karma (and my sore toe)


by gerryvb 21 Jun 2010

oh that must have hurt!sorry this happened and it happened now! hope you recover soon.

by judybell 21 Jun 2010

So sorry you broke your toe and can't run in the race. It's good you thought of running later. The way you broke it is something that would happen to me. Judy

by dgarner 20 Jun 2010

Owww -- I understand your pain! Hope you have a speedy recovery and that you can do the Relay very soon!

by asterixsew Moderator 20 Jun 2010

look forward to hearing if you did the Race for Life and how. Somneone in our village has done the Rfor L for years on crutches, its about taking part. Hope the foot is not too painful.

by lbrow 20 Jun 2010

Sorry to hear this Karma. I've had broken toes through the yrs. & know how painful they can be. *

by 02kar Moderator 20 Jun 2010

Karma, I am so sorry. Broken bones in feet are so painful. I hope that you heal quickly and that you can stand to look at the tile now.

by jacquipaul 19 Jun 2010

Oh; so sorry it's broken. Get well soon, and tke care of your little pinky.

by jrob Moderator 19 Jun 2010

Ouch! I H A T E to do damamge to my toes......You could do like Meganne did and ride it in a wheel chair.;)

by lenamae 19 Jun 2010

Karma I feel for you dear I know how awful that is .I broke my little toe on a chair leg then I fell off the bed and broke my big toe was black and blut all the way to my ankle got that all healed up and broke my middle toe when that one healed broke the one on the other foot . now my toes cramp something awful I lived in a little place and my husband was for ever leaving his chair sitting out from the table and I would come through the roon and hitting my toes.
Please get better soon.hugs I am so sorry.

by shazells 19 Jun 2010

Ouch!!! I know how this feels so my heart felt sympathy s with you hope it mends quick Hugs Shazells

by shirlener88 19 Jun 2010

Oh Karma - I feel your pain - I do hope you heal fast - I am so sorry this happened - perhaps - in the long run - pardon the pun - it will be better for you - you might get more sponsors. *4U