by maryjo 18 Jun 2010

great for your feet


by karma 19 Jun 2010

I love them !!!! sooo comfy when you get used to them I do get some odd looks though lol
The most comfy shoes I ever wear are some called "Crocs"
don't know if you have them in the States

nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 19 Jun 2010

We do have Crocs here. I'd be there are at least one pair in every household! Colorful things. Mine are black. LOL

karma by karma 23 Jun 2010

Mine are bright red !!!!! also I have a pair of the new flowery ones ;-)

by 02kar Moderator 19 Jun 2010

Sounds like a good idea, but I can't stand anything between my toes. But I will be brave and try them on.

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nhsmith55 by nhsmith55 19 Jun 2010

I can't stand anything between my toes, either!!

by jacquipaul 19 Jun 2010

For the barefoot runners out there, these seem a viable option. Thanks for posting this interesting information.

by jrob Moderator 18 Jun 2010

My oldest nephew has a pair.....they look like gorilla feet.

by dlonnahawkins 18 Jun 2010

these are about the ugliest things - but that is what I thought about birkenstocks until my daughter got me to wear a pair.

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lflanders by lflanders 19 Jun 2010

I can not wear Birkies!! They kill my feet(mostly arches) and my back will hurt so bad after just a5 minutes of trying to wear tham that I finally just gave up! I have had a pair of them, just the plain cross-over the top of the foot pair for several years and thay look like brand new ones. I got another pair of them at the same time as these but they looked like what the nurses wear and theey killed my toes also. I gave them away but just last week when I went to the Dr. I got out the Birkies and wore them for about 5 minutes and off they came! They matched what I had on (in color) so I tried again. By the time I pulled them off, I was using the walker to get around because of my back. I also have legs/feet bandaged so I thought it might be easier to just put on a slide..NOT. I have several pair of Butte Ugly bedroom shoes that are so comfortable and you just slide your feet in them. I have just about worn out the newest pair so if I ever have another $22.00 dollars to spend on myself, that is what I am going to get! Belk's carry them and they are Dearfoams but of much better quality that the ones that Wal Mart carries with the same brand name. The only thing pretty about them is the way they make my feet feel and Yes, I do wear them when I go to the store to buy groceries and even to the Dr when I feel like it. I do not care how ugly they are. My birkies cost almost 5 times that amount and I can not wear them!

by shirlener88 18 Jun 2010

Oh my - you sure have done it - now I might buy these, but not the others. Hehehe!

by asterixsew Moderator 18 Jun 2010

Not sure what the DVM is but think these shoes are cool and want some - will probably change my mind tomorrow in the cool light of day...

maryjo by maryjo 18 Jun 2010

DMV..Department of Motor Vehicles. It's where we go to get our drivers license and other related services.

asterixsew by asterixsew 20 Jun 2010


by camylow 18 Jun 2010

OH MY GOSH..THOSE ARE THE MOST UGLIEST THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN...wouldn't be caught dead even trying them're right, you did one up Shirlenes flip flop link....

by maryjo 18 Jun 2010

Check them out. Since I hate having my toes confined they may be right up my alley!!!

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jacquipaul by jacquipaul 19 Jun 2010

Good idea??