by berrylious 30 Aug 2010

Thank you so much. This is what I am looking for. I know that the skirt is short, but that is how the girls wear them. My GD is 17 and a senior in HS. She wears like the biker shorts under all her skirts. Thank goodness she is aware of not showing her undies. I will bookmark this time for sure.
Sharon in Florida

by capoodle 29 Aug 2010

This look like the one "berrylious" was looking for. Hope she finds this post. Thanks for the links...

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crafter2243 by crafter2243 29 Aug 2010

I added the same link in her question post. No answer if this is what she is looking for

by leenova54 29 Aug 2010

Cute, but I am a bit too old for something like that and don't have any daughters or grandkids. Oh well, hope someone enjoys one for a start of the new school year!

by sewmom 29 Aug 2010

This looks very cute.

by nglover1 17 Jun 2010

Thank You , A bit short but could be made longer . Nancy

by shirlener88 16 Jun 2010


by joann13100 16 Jun 2010

Thanks for sharing.
Unfortunately, if I wore a short skirt like that, someone with a harpoon might get me......

nanniesara by nanniesara 16 Jun 2010

Too funny!!!

nanniesara by nanniesara 16 Jun 2010

But I know your feelings exactly, I would be right there with you!!LOL

shirlener88 by shirlener88 16 Jun 2010

I just bet you could make it a bit longer - if you were making it. Hehehe!