by cicadamn 15 Jun 2010

Help. I tried to post my project and it does not work? Must I click save at the. ? I did but then nothing happens??


by dlmds 16 Jun 2010

Happy to have you here! I see you have help that you needed. H&*

by pennifold 15 Jun 2010

Dear "Cicadamn"

When downloading pictures you need to make sure they are under or about 2megabytes. When you go to post down at the bottom of the page there is a note that tells you pictures cannot be bigger than three thousand kilabytes.

Good luck - just make the picture a bit smaller and that should be all that is needed.

Love and blessings Chris

by clawton 15 Jun 2010

Sometimes it takes a while for it to upload. If it works it comes back up so you can see the whole thing.

by camylow 15 Jun 2010

yes you have to click save....on my computer I have to click on the file and open it before it will read it and be able to save it....try and redo it on upload your project..type in your on the browse... search for your on it (see if it asks you to open in that window/file...if it does then click open then save,,,,,deanna

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cicadamn by cicadamn 15 Jun 2010

Thank you Deanna I will try it now Hugs Cica