by embroiderymad 13 Jun 2010

used the basting to hold towel in place before put the design on. Makes life so much easier. Very BIG Thank you to the clever cutie who gave us the basting stitches.


by holly12 16 Jun 2010

This looks great and seems easy to do this way. Arlene

by elkety 16 Jun 2010

Thats so nice to see how easy it is.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Regards elkety

by dlonnahawkins 15 Jun 2010

Good job - and I always use the "fix" on my machine which is the basting stitch. I seldom hoop anything that I am stitching on. I don't like to see hoop burn on the items.

by clawton 14 Jun 2010

This is a great technique. For those of you that have the Viking machines, most of them have a fix feature. That will do the same thing. Before stitching out the design press the fix button. I love the feature. It also allows you to check the placement of the design.

by marietta 14 Jun 2010

Yes, these are amazing to work with. Thanks for sharing.

by mops Moderator 14 Jun 2010

Meganne offered those. They are ever so useful.

by lexusblu 14 Jun 2010

Great job! Does someone please have the link?

by psssst 14 Jun 2010

If you use a wss topper it is much easier to remove the basting stitches and it also helps hold the thread on top of the towel and keep the terry cloth of the towel down. Great job

by lindalee757 14 Jun 2010

Guess I am being dense but, basting to what? I am always open to helpful hints.

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clawton by clawton 14 Jun 2010

To the stablizer. You only hoop the stablizer, which is great for the thick pile fabrics.

by rmj8939 14 Jun 2010

This is a great idea as towels seem to work out of frame before it is done a lot of times.

by stickmuster 14 Jun 2010

a very good technique ***

by juanitadenney 14 Jun 2010

Isn't that basting stitch wonderful? I never hoop my embroidery. *4U

by claudenicolas 14 Jun 2010

Well, I have never dare to do like that, I must try!!!

by mad14kt 13 Jun 2010

Came out GREAT! I hate hooping, LOL ;D *2U

by shirlener88 13 Jun 2010

This looks like it stitched out great - hope you don't have trouble getting the basting stitches out.

bowlds by bowlds 13 Jun 2010

That's what I was thinking. Will them come out ok on towels?

claudenicolas by claudenicolas 14 Jun 2010

I always cut the basting stitches on the backside, they are easy to cut under the stabiliser.

embroiderymad by embroiderymad 14 Jun 2010

Yes the basting stitch came out very easy I removed it from the back before I removed the tearaway. the basting is a wide stitch

by lenamae 13 Jun 2010

alot of things I would like to do with out hooping.