by ezzemml 09 Jun 2010

and I personally want to thank her for them and for the freedom that we have on this site. Sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes people are quick to judge but Veronika takes it all in her stride and still allows us to carry on. There are many here who promote there own sites and she allows that also So lets take our hats off to Veronika and not just chase the freebie but purchase a membership or some designs as they are always a reasonable price. And lets see more. More of her fab designs in project. Thank you Veronika.


by colonies1 10 Jun 2010

I love this site it offers a lot to us all.

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ezzemml by ezzemml 11 Jun 2010

So do I that is why i think we should show more of Veronika's designs in projects

by 02kar Moderator 10 Jun 2010

I know I keep harping on buying a membership, but I just love her designs. And it is so much less stress when you can click and download the designs and packs at your leisure. Do any of you have leisure time or do we use that time to embroider? Anyway, I will keep on telling people who ask for votes the reasons I bought my first membership. And I will not apologize for repeating my message.

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ezzemml by ezzemml 11 Jun 2010

keep it up i'm with you.

by honeychyle 09 Jun 2010

Where do I find her designs?

ezzemml by ezzemml 09 Jun 2010

In the blue line at the top of the site the headings are Designs Redwork Alphabets Lace Applique Cross stitch. and when there the page numbers are at the base of them. and there are many.

honeychyle by honeychyle 09 Jun 2010

Thank you, I'll go check them out!

by beatie58 09 Jun 2010

Agreed Veronika has great designs!

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ezzemml by ezzemml 09 Jun 2010

I really like her xstitch at the moment. those japanese ladies are just terriffic.

by crafter2243 Moderator 09 Jun 2010

Ditto, ditto, ditto. I love my membership and all the designs that Veronika creats. Thanks Veronika for giving us the opportunity to exchange knowledge, hardships and happy occasions.