by dianned 08 Jun 2010

... but it's the only way I could find to post the photo! this photo is my granddaughter Erin taken just after she finished the local Race For Life* on Sunday : she's only 21 months old so to finish 5 km (3 miles) in the pouring rain is quite an achievement! The winner did it in 17 minutes and Erin took an hour and ten minutes, but hey, her legs are shorter then theirs! I don't know how much money she raised individually for Cancer Research, it hasn't all been collected in yet, but she ran (toddled!) with her Mummy, my daughter Catherine, and the rest of the female staff from the local vets' and they were being sponsored as a team, but I know it was well in the hundreds of pounds when last checked. She is SOOOOOOO proud of her medal!

*For those of you who haven't heard of it, the Race For Life is an annual nationwide event which takes place in the UK for the purpose of raising funds for the fight against cancer. It's the UK's largest women-only event and runners (or walkers - or toddlers! - ) usually wear pink and all the money raised by all the runners goes to Cancer Research UK. Many of the women and girls who take part do so in memory of a loved one who has lost the fight against cancer in any of its forms, and wear their names on the back of their tee-shirts. Love from a very proud Granny, Dianne x x x


by stickmuster 13 Jun 2010

Dianne, I congratulate you! It´s a very nice picture! *****

by beatie58 09 Jun 2010

how gorgeous! such a long way for a little tot. Well done Erin!

by oaro 08 Jun 2010

lovely picture

by karma 08 Jun 2010


karma by karma 08 Jun 2010

I am doing Race 4 Life on 20thJune In Preston Lancashire UK

dianned by dianned 09 Jun 2010

Hope you get better weather than they did! :-) Mind you, the previous three weeks had been sunny and very warm and I think it would have been too hot for her if it had stayed like that - the weather broke with a tremendous thunderstorm on Saturday night and Sunday was much cooler and VERY wet! It's rained pretty well non-stop every day since - if anyone else says "the gardens needed it" I shall scream! Love and flowers from Dianne x x x (in cool and damp Yorkshire.)

by dilceia 08 Jun 2010

Congratulations Dianne! Really, it is to feel much pride. Its granddaughter is Linda and winner!

by luluzinha 08 Jun 2010

Erin is lovely and a winner!

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Jun 2010

Congratulations, Erin is starting early fundraising. Even better walking in the pouring rain

by sewalaskan 08 Jun 2010

Congratulations for your granddaughter. My niece started walking for March of Dimes when she was that age. Save all her t-shirts (if she continues this) and pictures & make a quilt. I did that for my niece for graduation with her March of Dimes shirts. She loved it. Congrats again

by gerryvb 08 Jun 2010

wow, you have every reason to be proud of this lovely sportive girl!

by shirlener88 08 Jun 2010

Oh Dianne, Erin is such a trooper - you should be proud of her and it is great that she had her own sponsors, too. Way to go Erin!

by designgirl 08 Jun 2010

Way to go Erin.

by spendlove Moderator 08 Jun 2010

Well done, Erin!

by iris2006 08 Jun 2010

Great that she made it and of course you are a proud Granny Dianne, we all are :0)

by annita1 08 Jun 2010

dat is om trots op te zijn , lief meisje !

by mysew1325 08 Jun 2010

wow.... thank you Erin.. what a little dolly