by gramy 07 Jun 2010

It may seem early, but Id sure love to see more Christian Christmas designs here on Cuties!


by 02kar Moderator 07 Jun 2010

I agree, after all, Christmas is a Christian holiday. But I have been collecting free and purchased designs for quite a while. So I have a good collection by now for my needs.

by noah 07 Jun 2010

WEll thanks for saying/asking that .I already have a number of c/mas presents sewed & put away but i love to sew good c/mas designs.Hope some of our kind dig. can come up with some new designs.Carolyn

by shirlener88 07 Jun 2010

Are you meaning for the owner to create them and post them, the DESIGN BY CUTIES, or for others to share where they purchase them on other sites or to be posting projects with Christian Christmas Designs?

by bethelb 07 Jun 2010

Id like to see some Christian designs too. Christmas or not .

by hyfibutt 07 Jun 2010

Never to early for Christmas....I will see what I can find. I know I have a ton of the commercial cutesy stuff. I found some Christian stuff for everyday use, but have not looked for Christmas.


by nhsmith55 07 Jun 2010

Good idea! I'm not sure I'll start my Christmas sewing for a while though, I'm a big procrastinator!

by gerryb 07 Jun 2010

Never too early to plan!! Now if I'd just get on the ball & follow thru with my plans!!