by coco128 28 May 2010

cuties, I missed the 'clue' for Oregon patchwork mystery designs w/swirls/butterflies and was wondering if someone remembers what the 'clue' was?? thanks so much


by jacquipaul 28 May 2010


by sewhobby 28 May 2010

The clue posted was the company was A D That should help you find it.

by karenjay 28 May 2010

When I first saw the design and the clue was a digitizer starting with A, I immediately thought of my favourite 'A' designer. I love her childrens coat hanger designs and her BabyPetite designs. They are so ARTISTIC and she also has some very nice CREATIVE FLORAL QUILT designs.

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coco128 by coco128 28 May 2010

have you made the children's coat hangers??? they look so adorable.

by sueo 28 May 2010

Read the clue when it was first posted but still for the life of me could not find the design. Would still like to get it but just don't have the time to do all the hunting. Good luck.

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coco128 by coco128 28 May 2010

with the clue above ... it's really quick ... it just took me 5 mins... try it .. it looks so beautiful..*4u

by pennifold 28 May 2010

It was in a Company starting with A and the clue was quilts. Love and blessings Chris

There is a question about it further back in the posts, but I can't remember how far back it went.

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coco128 by coco128 28 May 2010

Oh Chris ... THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! Have a great weekend...