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by dianned 28 May 2010

.... delivering birthday flowers! I have used the "Thank You" kitty I posted in the Free Designs section earlier today to make a card for my mother's cousin Joan who will be 90 on June 7th. I left out the circular scalloped border (which is the last colour of the kitty design) and added the number 90 and the lettering and made a new rectangular border to go round the new design. I mounted it the way I'm using for most of my cards at the moment (till I think of something new!) - it's just stitched into the aperture using the decorative stitches from my machine. Love from Dianne x x x


by stickmuster 05 Jun 2010

what a sweet kitty *********

by cmdam 29 May 2010

This very cute.Angelina

by lbrow 29 May 2010

It's lovely dianne. I bet Joan just loved it. *

by mnladyus 29 May 2010

Very nice, I love the color choices

by asterixsew Moderator 29 May 2010

Great card Dianne. Itis aways interesting seeing how others make their cards and getting new ideas. Hope Joan enjoys her special card

by beatie58 29 May 2010

This is beautiful! So Cute!

by april22 29 May 2010

A very nice card !!

by noah 28 May 2010

Dianne you should write your web site or site whatever you call it so people (new ones) would know where to go to see your designs?!?!Great job by the way.Carolyn

by oaro 28 May 2010

another nice card

by ezzemml 28 May 2010

very pretty card.

by lenamae 28 May 2010

Oh my Dianne this is beautiful thanks for sharing and giving me a aidea,hugs Lenamae

by embroiderymad 28 May 2010

very nice

by dilceia 28 May 2010

Hi Dianne, every day you overcomes... It is one prettier than the another!! Congratulations!

by mops Moderator 28 May 2010

Great use of your design, it makes another beautiful card. Thank you for the inspiration you provide!!

by castelyn 28 May 2010

Dianne, what a lovely card you have made. well done *4u

by shirlener88 28 May 2010

Another lovely card Dianne!

by designgirl 28 May 2010

Great card.

by joanne8125 28 May 2010

This is adorable they will just love it. I have not made any cards yet but would love to know how. Oh well, maybe one day

by jacquipaul 28 May 2010

Your MIL will love this card; it is darling. You are so generous with her and with us. Thanks for sharing your designs and sharing photos of your projects. Have yet to make one for a card, but yours is so encouraging.
Thank you.