by beeboomer 27 May 2010

(not her initial, her NAME is M) I will update the request when the alphabet is finished.


by beeboomer 09 Jun 2010

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for the M! I now have the complete alphabet and the highly valuable (to me) M.

by jancee 08 Jun 2010

Voted Good Luck

by nualaa 08 Jun 2010

I voted, good luck

by beeboomer 08 Jun 2010

Well, didn't get it today. Try again? We usually only get 3 or 4 chances before a new alphabet begins. Of course that is a good thing too!

by pcteddyb 07 Jun 2010

Thanks for the link Iris. I voted. Hope you get your letter!

by april22 07 Jun 2010

I vote for you**

by iris2006 07 Jun 2010

I voted for M and I will add a link that makes voting easier. Good luck

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beeboomer by beeboomer 07 Jun 2010

Thanks! Good idea!

by beeboomer 07 Jun 2010

Now that the tulip embossed alphabet has completed, I would appreciate anyone who would help me and vote for the M.

Thanks in advance.

by 02kar Moderator 27 May 2010

I am sorry that you missed a letter and one that means so much to you. I used to be in the same boat but finally joined Cute. The cost of the membership is the cost of 2 full alphabets for 6 months. And you will get so much more than 2 alphabets. You get all of the designs on the website plus all that come out for the price. I seriously recommend that you do this. I no longer worry about catching all the letters now.

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beeboomer by beeboomer 27 May 2010

I agree it is a good deal, especially if you can catch a sale on memberships. I did that once about 2 years ago, but might think about doing it again.

by jrob Moderator 27 May 2010

"Bee" happy to, but you will have to ask again when it ends or I'm sure I won't remember then.;)

by rwalden 27 May 2010

Yes, I would be glad to also. Please just remind me.

by littewitchy1 27 May 2010

I also missed it somehow, I'll be voting for it too.

by jacquipaul 27 May 2010

Sure; I'd be glad to. Request it again when the alpha is complete, please.