by marjialexa 15 Nov 2007

I just downloaded today's free dove, and stitched this out quickly to show everybody. When I saw the design, a quilting project came immediately to mind because of the simple stitches. This is a scan of the design on muslin, the colors are not quite right. The dove is a lovely light butternut color, the rest of the swirl a very pale yellow/green, kind of lima bean green. I didn't sew out the olive branch, because I wanted to keep the lightness of the design. I'm also thinking of doing this in ivory thread for a candlewicking effect, but didn't think it would show up well in a photo. The dove will also go on Christmas hopsacking towels in it's original form, with the olive branch, and with the words "Peace, Love and Light" beneath it. Happy sewing, Marji


by oaro 26 Nov 2012

nice job

by mysew1325 26 Nov 2012

where is it from

by noah 26 Nov 2012

Looks awesome Marj. nice to see u sewing to :):)

by loosie 26 Nov 2012

Lovely design and great ideas :)

by teun 26 Nov 2012

Sieht sehr gut aus

by jenne 26 Nov 2012

This is nice loveit.

by kira 21 Nov 2007

i love one coler pattern Its very nice

by sara 16 Nov 2007

cutie redwork

by annyn 15 Nov 2007

Thank you for this good idee.
One color and without the olive.
Its v

by jrob Moderator 15 Nov 2007

Just Beautiful!