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by bejoscha 20 May 2010

I couldn't resist. Looking back in time, this was the very first self-digitized and self-drawn (from scratch) design we ever did. That was May 2008. The desing - no it is not a kangaroo but should be a Easter bunny - is still available from our site

Back then, it took me ages to get the stiches right and not too dense... not overlapping... no big jumps... etc. etc. Learning by doing.


by oaro 29 Mar 2011

lovely work

by ramona 29 Mar 2011

What a wonderful job! You did great! Thanks for sharing your hard work.

by chess 29 Mar 2011

Great job for your first digitizing, I whish I could do something like this, too!

by teun 29 Mar 2011

Toll, ich kann das nicht

by smithandsmith 29 Mar 2011

he's adorable :) I'm stilling working on the jump stitches and it's a pain. I work with customizer 2000. It's old but it's what i have for now and i Some designs are worth a few jumps and others i put in the
Hugs Lee

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bejoscha by bejoscha 30 Mar 2011

What drives me cracy in digitizing is if the software tries to be smarter than I am. :c) Quite often I "fine-tune" a design, but if you rearange or scale some elements or rotate them, the software tries to "recalculate" what it considers to be best - even if it isn't, and you have to start optimizing all over again! Worst thing is a back-traced Satin-stitch with underlay where the "smart" software thinks you want to stitch the underlay after the Satin...

by mops Moderator 29 Mar 2011

You did a good job then for a first, with different stitch directions and curved fill stitches, but you've come a long way since.

My very first design (in October 1999) was a logo. I have embroidered it on some 400 guest towels and hundreds of full size towels that were sold in a museum shop, still are, but I am totally fed up embroidering them. I hated jump stitches from the start and now am much better in getting rid of them.

mops by mops 29 Mar 2011

I now see it's an old post.

bejoscha by bejoscha 30 Mar 2011

Yes it was, comments were appreciated nevertheless. I had a comment in another project which linked to this, thus this old project came forward again.