by karma 17 May 2010

She will be having surgery tomorrow on her brest cancer, she has been so brave throughout the chemo & now this is the removal of her breast.

She is so scared - I am going to visit her later this evening & then I won't see her for 2 days.
I will be so happy if you could spare a minute to pray for my beautiful friend
Many thanks & love to you all xxxx


by jacquipaul 20 May 2010

Dear Karma,
You are a true friend. My prayers continue for your friend, Nadina. Give her our warmest wishes for a speedy recovery.
God Bless you and her.

by karma 20 May 2010

Thank you all for all your kind words & support
May God Bless each & everyone of you

by clawton 19 May 2010

Just now reading this. Hope all has gone well.

by read180 18 May 2010

Prayers for your friend and you.
Cindy B.

by lenamae 18 May 2010

I will pray for her
Lena Mae

by uscmom 18 May 2010

I will be praying for things to turn out well for both of you.

by lbrow 18 May 2010

Consider it done Karma, Nadine will need all the support you can give her. Many women I know that have had mastectomies lived great productive lives & only close friends & relatives know they have had one. I pray for God to give her peace & assurance & the grace to cope. *

by sewdoctor 18 May 2010

Prayers for her, and you. Please give her room to grieve the loss of her breast.

by noah 18 May 2010

Lord God please be with this lady guide her,comfort her as only you can doin the name of Jesus !!!Carolyn

by crafter2243 Moderator 18 May 2010

Yes I will pray for her. It is scary just before such an operation. Keep us posted.

by shirlener88 17 May 2010

Karma, of coarse - I will keep Nadina and you on my list - until you let us know - that she no longer needs our prayers.

by jrob Moderator 17 May 2010

I am adding Nadina to my prayer list and you, too. I can't imagine going through this.;)

by eleen 17 May 2010

Think of you. Good that she has a frien like you.

by dgarner 17 May 2010

I will be praying for her -- please tell her my mother had a radical mastectomy in 1980. The Dr. said she had maybe 5 years at most -- she is now 84 years old and living a happy life! Tell her to keep her faith; lots of people will be lifting her up in prayer!

by judybell 17 May 2010

I have lifted your friend Nadina and you up in prayer and will continue to pray she will feel God's loving arms around her and her family during this diffcult time. Our God is bigger than all our problems and He wants us to lean on Him and give us the comfort we need. In Christ, Judy ******4U and Nadina

by camylow 17 May 2010

I will be saying my prayer as soon as I stop typing.....Lots of flowing love sent your way....deanna

by psssst 17 May 2010

I will send prayers up to Him asking Him to please lessen the fear your friend has and to have the Holy Spirit there in the op room guiding the surgeon. Please let us know when all is well.

by redhotrn65 17 May 2010

A prayer for both of you. For her to recover physically and emotionally. And for you for being such a great friend! Friends like you will help her the most!

by simplyrosie 17 May 2010

You've got it Karma... prayer said. :-)

by kathyjt 17 May 2010

Will say a prayer for Nadina.

by manami 17 May 2010

Dear Karma,
You and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers.
Love and blessings,

by shazells 17 May 2010

You and your friend are deep in our thoughts & prayers Hugs to you both Shazells

by gerryvb 17 May 2010

she has you as a great friend, and we will hope and pray for Nadina.

by beatie58 17 May 2010

Karma, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend Nadina. Sally