by crowe 16 May 2010

Hi everyone,

Don't know if anyone else thinks this is a good idea.Would it be better to collect our daily free alphabet monday-friday, then at the week-ends put up missed letters that we need


by baydreamer 16 May 2010

These are a gift for that day and only that day . If you miss them either buy a membership, or make a purchase of the ones you are missing.

by 02kar Moderator 16 May 2010

Please save your money and buy a membership. It makes it so easy to collect the alphabets as a pack and you then have access to All the designs. Far less stress. And you then have full access to the entire website and have joied us as a member of the Cute family.

by clawton 16 May 2010

That is something that you would have to suggest to the site manager though the "contact us" link. As others suggested the membership is well worth what you spend!

by mskit2 16 May 2010

Yes, that would be very helpful when people miss a day and need a letter.

by daisy530 16 May 2010

No--alphabets don't take the weekend off. Besides that, there are generally only a couple of days to vote on missed letters. Try to buy a membership if you can :) Now, it's Sunday, and I have to get over to CuteAlphabets and AmazingEmbroidery to get my two letters. One day, I will get the membership to Amazing :)

by dailylaundry 16 May 2010

I saved for my first membership and then was extra lucky to hit a discount on membership that Ms Veronika offers from time to time. When you subscribe - you can download all of her designs from this site. No worrys about getting samples of her work - all the designs are yours. Her alphas are more than well worth the cost. And, if you want to wait - she usually offers her alphas in Packs which is wonderful to download them all at once!! Hugs, Laura* (a * for you!)

by jacquipaul 16 May 2010

The purchased subscription, which Meganne mentioned, makes sense to me, and would be the only way that I could be assured of finding all of the alphabet letters.

by meganne 16 May 2010

You could always buy a 6 month subscription, which helps keep Miss Veronika in business, and then you could download ALL the designs, from EVERY section, plus ALL the new ones for a whole SIX months.
Hugs n roses, Meganne

by crousse 16 May 2010

If possible, that would be TERRIFIC! GREAT SUGGESTION, Crowe :-)