by gramy 10 May 2010

I finaly took advantage of the membership savings and now I am a true cutie!


by keeponsewing 10 May 2010

Welcome. I love being a member her. I think I have one more month and I'll have to sign up again. It is well worth the small cost.

by daisy530 10 May 2010

You were already a TRUE CUTIE. Taking advantage of the special made you a lucky cutie :)

by bevintex 10 May 2010

So if you are not a paid member you are not a TRUE cutie? What does that make you? Just wondering.

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psssst by psssst 10 May 2010

fake? unreal? wannabe? hahaha

by dilceia 10 May 2010

muito bom!

by smithandsmith 10 May 2010

Welcome gramy!!! Beautiful designs and people here.

by holly12 10 May 2010

You made the right decision. This place is great & they have beautiful designs. Welcome to the best place there can be

by 02kar Moderator 10 May 2010

Welcome to the best place and to the best folks in the world. Don't hesitate to ask questions and to explore every place on this website. And belated hapy Mother's Day to you.

by pennifold 10 May 2010

Welcome to the best site in the world. Congratulations too on becoming a paid up member.

You can download lots and lots of beautiful designs by Veronika not to mention the wonderful ones in the Designs by Cuties tab at the top right of the page.

Love and blessings Chris