by ezzemml 26 Apr 2010

them instead of gift wrap as there are some pretty tins out there often cheaper than gift wrap and there comes a time when a girl does have enough tins. I find the tube tins great when giving things like undies as you can squish them in there and it is fun to see people open their tin expecting to find bickies or cookies or lollies what ever and then they get some thing better and i always tape the lids down just to make it a little more time consuming to open


by almag 27 Apr 2010

Pencils, and pens. I love them. They are easy to pack and carry and remind me of places I've visited. Even my friend comes home from her travels with pencils for me. However, I collect dolls, too, and anything remotely connected to sewing and knitting. Of course, one needs to store things so I can't resist tins and some boxes. Totes!! now there's an addiction! I can't seem to touch fabric in a shop without imagining it made into, or used as, a lining in a bag, mostly useful totes. Then there're the hugs of teddy bears, and a small collection of old kangaroo-skin koalas. I have small collections of things everywhere, accommodating the very friendly dust, and I'm happy among my lot. I've warned the family ... Culling?? over my dead body!!! ......but, that's exactly what might have to happen... :}

OOps!! I forgot my around-13 sewing machines but half of that number is DH's fault. He can't walk past an old three-drawers treadle with the carving on the sides. We just haven't got one of them yet not the room to put it if we did find one we could afford.

by annafaye 27 Apr 2010

I collect antique bowls, the large serving kind, I started with a crock bowl like the one mom used to mix biscuits in. I bought it at a yard sale. I now have about 50 some given to me, others inherited and yard sales. I love them. I also collect wooden rolling pins. I now have about 75 of those. Are they ever a conversation tool. I also collect antique kitchen gadgets, my kitchen is full. The trouble is I love all that I see and want them all. Hugs! Anna

by joann13100 27 Apr 2010

ezzemml, here are some of my orchids;

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tmbache by tmbache 27 Apr 2010

orchids are beautiful, but the blue willow plate is the best. thanks for sharing

by clawton 27 Apr 2010

Angels and snowmen

by hanna56 27 Apr 2010

Interesting question - I collect in general all what is handcraftworthy.
Mainly I do everything I can make with beads and pearls, stitching by hand on clothes and homeware, and workshop for own creation of silverjewelry for my shop.
I love beads from stones so much, like to create necklace with colors tone in tone .......I've many beads and pearls - hope I find the time to bead and sell one day. All days I fight between sewing, embroydering, beading - and at least working for the income and travelling for my charity. And than all the new things here!!!!!!!

The life is not long enough to do all I wanted to do

I thought about fasting - fasting by not looking for any new design - is it a good idea?? Only for few days??


joann13100 by joann13100 27 Apr 2010

I think doing without designs will last long. It may be addictive, but at least it's not immoral or fattening.

joann13100 by joann13100 27 Apr 2010

Doing without designs won't last long--my brain is tired...

hanna56 by hanna56 27 Apr 2010

but do not have to burn calories????
addiction always find excuses?!?!?

by smithandsmith 27 Apr 2010

hi shirlener88... here is part of my jadite collection. I'm sure once you see them, you will remember them from the 60s. I just love the color of them.<br />hugs lee

joann13100 by joann13100 27 Apr 2010

Jadeite is so pretty---I love green.

tmbache by tmbache 27 Apr 2010

nice way to display your juicer, I have 3 old milk glass one and an clear glass sunkis one. way to go looks real nice

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 27 Apr 2010

thank you tmbache

by castelyn 27 Apr 2010

Well besides all my sewing things "craft things". I kept my moms tins, I have added a few. I also started collection teaspoons, were ever we travel to. Love printed Photo's (besides the ones kept on the PC). Shoes, bags I can go on and on. As my husband says we are only 2 in the house and all the wardrobes and cupboards are full.

Hugs Yvonne

by celticlady1031 27 Apr 2010

I have a few strange collections. My B-Day is Halloween so I have a witch collection. My mom started it when I was quite young and spent the whole year looking for THE one for my next birthday. My daughter carried it on for several years after my mom passed. I also have antique hat pins (hard to find) and old china tea cups w/saucers. When it screams "Buy Me" and I have a place/need for it and the $$ antique furniture. Does anyone remember Beanie Babies? People started getting me those years ago. Rhylan will get them.

karma by karma 27 Apr 2010

I remember Beanies - I has a clear out last year & sent them all to Charity Shop + my friend was so upset because she also collects them

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 27 Apr 2010

I have some Beanies that Linkin (my shih tzu puppy) likes to carry around. lol.

by eleen 27 Apr 2010

Everything and anything - beads, ribbon, lace, serviettes, fabric, stationery, gift wrapping and beautifull pens, stamps (like the rubber ones), photo's, books, magazines (only hobbylike ones eg burda) calculators and clothes. We recently moved house and now I don't have a cupboard anymore I have a walk in dressing room and then I had to go buy clothes hangers to hang everything that I've hidden on crates in the shed. When I went around for another lot of hangers, my husband realised and oh boy I had to explain. The only way to get him to silence were to count his shirts - biggest problem might be that it is difficult to throw anything out because I like it too much. Most of them I haven't had on in years. Bad addictions!!!. O ye forgot if you were to ask my children they will tell you I collect jam. Can not resist buying a nice jar of home made jam and I'm the only one who eats it so you can just imagine!

by jlm5419 27 Apr 2010

Hmmm, besides sewing machines, I collect dust. ;)

eleen by eleen 27 Apr 2010


celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 27 Apr 2010

Don't we all... LOL

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 27 Apr 2010

lol... me too, until my mom visits and then i have to spring into action.
hugs lee

joann13100 by joann13100 27 Apr 2010

I think we all are collecting dust (and in my case, cat hair--).

by lenamae 27 Apr 2010

I collect the madam alexander dolls from MC donalds and any other little doll thay put out barbie cabbage patch all little Mc Donald dolls.
used to collect frogs and every one bought me frogs untill I got so many I had to quit.then I collecter porclin dolls untill I had to quit now I just do the Mc Dinald ones they are far and in be tween so do not get too many .
Lena Mae

by meganne 27 Apr 2010

I am what is called an "eclectic" collector, cats, dolls, teddy bears and soft toys, butterflies, angels, vintage linen, Asian arts, miniature vintage shoe statues (can you call them statues?), key rings, vintage jewellery, (especially diamond rings LOL!!!) vintage sewing knick-knacks & buttons, knitting and crochet pattern books, cook books, swan statues and vases, crystal salt and pepper sets (in fact any vintage crockery and cookware) Oh and we can't forget movies and old records and of course embroidery designs.
No, I never limit myself to just one thing and I never buy anything just for the sake of it being a cat or a butterfly or what ever, I have to REALLY like it before I will buy it. It has to be something special that calls to me.

Some months ago (during my chemo treatment) I walked into a local goodwill and something made me keep looking behind me.
I finally had to follow my urge and walked up to the back of shopfront window and there was the item that called to me, I picked them up and couldn't put them down, and despite the high asking price (for a goodwill store) I didn't hesitate to bring them home and every day this very special statue speaks to me with something that seems to touch the core of my soul.

She stands 16" tall, is very slim and very heavy.

There is something deeply spiritual about this beautiful, proud but humble, mother and even though it doesn't 'fit' with any of my other collections, I had to have her, I think you will see why......

I seem to have stopped collecting since she came into my home.
Hugs and roses, Meganne

lenamae by lenamae 27 Apr 2010

meganne she is beautiful don't think I would have passed her up either.

karma by karma 27 Apr 2010

That is a very nice piece - I really love it

meganne by meganne 27 Apr 2010

The picture doesn't do her justice, but you can click on it to see it enlarged.
I think it is spiritual and she seems so sad. Maybe I just read too much into it but it has a very strange affect on me.
HNR, Meganne

celticlady1031 by celticlady1031 27 Apr 2010

I know that feeling when something just speaks to you. You just have to have it. She is regal looking to me. I think she will have a different effect on each of us.

by karma 26 Apr 2010

I used to collect antique pottery dolls - I had about 200 & I am 99% positive that one or 2 of them held some paranormal activity - so many strange things used to happen & in the end I sold them all off to a soon as they were out of my home I felt a huge difference in everything around my home -very weird
NOW I just collect fabric, thread, designs & anything to do with sewing & embroidery oh & lots of ribbons (I don't know why though !) and I am a hoarder - don't part with anything unless I have to, my sewing room is 18x16 & it looks like Alladins Cave ;-) MY CAVE LOL

ezzemml by ezzemml 27 Apr 2010

It is natural for craft people to collect things and they do so for many reasons.1. Because they cant remember if they bought it in the first place or it is a different shade or they just cant find it. It is a disease we all have and craft is not called craft because we are creative it is because we have crafty minds it is because we C-can't R-remember A-a F-flaiming T-thing. hahaha

joann13100 by joann13100 28 Apr 2010

Interesting comment about the dolls being haunted. Everyone is going to find this weird, but one of my sister's friends can detect ghosts, and she says that ghosts attach themselves to objects. The two of them went in an antiques store and the friend could detect a ghost sitting in one of the antique chairs for sale. Pretty weird, but I don't doubt that you had a haunted doll or two.

by joann13100 26 Apr 2010

Dolls, doll houses, quilt fabric, cook books, any kind of tool, orchids, and cats that meow and run around the house.

ezzemml by ezzemml 27 Apr 2010

Dolls what kind of dolls do you collect.Love orchids don't have any though. would love to see some.

joann13100 by joann13100 27 Apr 2010

Hmm, I haven't figured out how to upload photos yet. Will try to add a photo of my orchids. I collect antique dolls made of china and bisque. It's like holding a piece of history in your hands.

by michele921 26 Apr 2010

years ago I collected unicorns then moved on to teddy bears had so many of them my house was covered, decided I would not collect any one item anymore so now I just have little bits of this and that, precious moments statues, I have a lot of old tins too, money is always a good thing to collect the older the better LOL, I do love very old womens magazines, my collection starts in the late 1800's great to read these and see what the women were like in those days, to see what they were sewing or crocheting meals they planned and so much more have found most of them in yard sales so love to hunt for them, I also have a 48 star flag it is a very large one don't know what I will ever do with it but it is great americana. I could go on about all the other things I have and save but think I would bore you all but I love every thing I have and would not part with any of them

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ezzemml by ezzemml 27 Apr 2010

Any thing that has a history or astory to tell is a treasure on its own. I have a can my dad cut a hole big enough to only take a $2 australian coin and he wrote a date to when he started and filled the tin and or if it wasn't full in 12 months he would open it he would have $2thousand dollars and when he was given $2 in change he would put it in his tin.the lid was solded on each year it is an old milo tin no label but it is my greatest treasure.been into bears took up to much room still got 2 on bed and a small box of tiny bears somewhere.

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by annatjievdw 26 Apr 2010

I also have tins, very old ones. I also had a lot of very old things used long before my time. And I am ancient about. The other day my daughter said, Mom this is all family heirlooms and the DIL's will not value them as I do and she took the whole lot with her. See I will move to a very small place, supposedly during this year. In retirement village. And I don't think there is a single 1 of us who do not have stacks of fabric and also lots of thread. I also have loads of frames that I use for presents. I put fabric painting in it. O heck I have such a lot of stuff and will have to give some away soon. But books is my biggest thing. Cannot resist a book. When we moved out of our house (very big) I had to give away boxes full of it. I gave it to frail care centres and old age homes. But still I have way too many. Gave a whole lot to my niece on Saturday. O yes and I used to give classes in fabric painting for quite a few years and have loads of designs. Some bought but most made by myself and then there are all the beads. I think this will give you the picture.

by shirlener88 26 Apr 2010

I used to say that I collected: dolls - but I gave those away; roses - but that got hard to keep, as they fell apart after they were dried; butterflies - but never found any that I could afford; angels - I have a couple, but not many; hearts - in any form. Hehehe! Now I believe that I collect prayers - that is the most valuable thing in my collection, today.

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hanna56 by hanna56 27 Apr 2010

That's a great idea - keep it, you have the strongest friend forever at your side! One you collected right now*

by 02kar Moderator 26 Apr 2010

I collect embroidery designs, purchased and free. I probably have well over 10,000 free designs alone. And you will also find hand embroidered items by the dozen in my home. Because we move every 2-3 years I have not been able to collect much else.

by lani02 26 Apr 2010

besides sewing machines, and since I purchased my Pfaff creative 2.0, 18 months ago, I collect embroidery designs (lots of freebies and some purchased). My husband had to give me a small external hard drive because they wouldn't fit on a double density DVD anymore. At last count he says I have over 60,000 folders, so more designs becuase some folders are alphabets with 26 letters each. My hard drive is about 1/4 full.

by my3chis 26 Apr 2010

I not only have 5 sewing machines but I also have 5 Chihuahua's. My baby has a new husband so we may end up with some babies soon too.

by mary51 26 Apr 2010

Beside embroidery designs, I collect hummingbirds, ceramic, glass, pictures, ornamental plates I love this tiny beautiful bird

1 comment
shirlener88 by shirlener88 26 Apr 2010

I would love to view a picture of your collection of hummers - is that possible?

by smithandsmith 26 Apr 2010

I collect Fire King jadite dishes and have been for 20 years now. They used to be so easy to find at garage sales, flea markets and good wills but not so much now. Martha Stewart made them very popular and they are so costly now. I aslo collect lady head vases for my daughter. And for sure sewing things, anything to do with sewing.
hugs Lee

1 comment
shirlener88 by shirlener88 26 Apr 2010

Lee, I have never seen them - I would love to view a picture of your collection - is that possible?

by simplyrosie 26 Apr 2010

I collect miniature dress forms with gowns on them... does that make sense.... and they're in my sewing room.

I also have an extensive art collection that was given to me by Queen Esther that I couldn't possibly afford to add to! But one thing she started that I have kept up was litle spoons from all over the world. :-)

ezzemml by ezzemml 26 Apr 2010

I would love to send you a spoon from Australia to add to your collection.I love art also but could never afford it and i have no wall space to display it.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 26 Apr 2010

I would love to view pictures of each of your collections. Is that possible?

nanniesara by nanniesara 26 Apr 2010

Do you have one from every state yet?

simplyrosie by simplyrosie 27 Apr 2010

I don't have one from Australia... I'd love one!!! As for all the States, no. I should actually catagorize them into a spreadsheet and see what I DO have. :-) I have 3 racks so far full of my GM's travels and memories.

meganne by meganne 27 Apr 2010

OH dear, and to think I threw my spoon collection away, I just got so sick of polishing them all. I will gladly buy some NSW ones and send them to you Teri.
You can email me your address if you'd like.
Hugs n blessings, Meg

by kazza 26 Apr 2010

I collect embroidery designs,probably have more than I can use in a life time! This problem is very serious and I wouldn't mind betting the majority of people on this site suffer from the same affliction ..........

ezzemml by ezzemml 26 Apr 2010

That is definatly an addiction we all have and have no controll well as material to add to there stash.

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 26 Apr 2010

I have the same afflicition - very new to the craft and I already have thousands of designs collected (over 700 of them one at a time).

nanniesara by nanniesara 26 Apr 2010

Yep count me in I may never use some of them I just love them though.

almag by almag 27 Apr 2010

Hey!! don't knock it!!! It's what gets me out of bed very early every morning so I can hunt for freebies during the Off-Peak internet time - well, I have to admit that 2-4 a.m. is rising a tad too early so I count that as last night's left-over time :} . I've used all my time this month and the shaping is slowing my computer to about 6Kps but I still search and store those addictive little pictures. I have thousands of designs now, special ones I've bought, 'free' ones from memberships and just 'can't-do-without' ones. I told DH I am now a Design Collector - it sounds so posh!!

by sewdoctor 26 Apr 2010

I collect Angels...I have several mostly small ceramic or glass.

ezzemml by ezzemml 26 Apr 2010

I can imagine seeing angels everywhere that would be nice.Our budgie is called angel.Have you seen the angels made out of beads a safety pins they are sweet i have seen them but would love to learn how to make them..maybe some cutie might know.

shirlener88 by shirlener88 26 Apr 2010

I love angels - I would love to view a picture of your collection - is that possible?

sewdoctor by sewdoctor 26 Apr 2010

well, they are spread out over my home.. would have to take some time to get them together for a photo. will try...

by bikermomfl 26 Apr 2010

I collect cats! Real ones, stuffed ones, glass ones, picturs and on and on and on

ezzemml by ezzemml 26 Apr 2010

My daughter is the cat person The rest of us are dogs and birds.we do have one cat a ginger female and that is not a common thing as usually ginger cats are male.

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 26 Apr 2010

lol... i love cats too, i have 2 inside cats, one inside outside cat and 3 outside cats... Yes, i'm the crazy cat lady. I feed the strays and get homes for there kittens.

joann13100 by joann13100 28 Apr 2010

I have 8 cats. They are my babies. Son went off to college and moved out, so all we have left is the kitties.