by grammyfran70 24 Apr 2010

Has the word free in green always been below each design?


by sewmom 25 Apr 2010

Just noticed it today too!

by clawton 25 Apr 2010

I will have to go back to check. I never noticed it when there but I didn't download anything yet today.

by mops Moderator 25 Apr 2010

It's new. The ones saying 'donation' are done by miss Veronika. And I had a look, when uploading a new design you can only use 'free', 'donation' has not been added a choice yet. I think miss Veronika will make an announcement shortly.

by spendlove Moderator 25 Apr 2010

It is definitely new - and some designs now say "donation".

by kkcogle 24 Apr 2010

I noticed that today for the first time, too!

by gayle950 24 Apr 2010

I have only just noticed it, too

by raels011 24 Apr 2010

I have never noticed it until you pointed it out