by marylewis 24 Apr 2010

another one to open these files with no luck....What program (s) do I need to be able to read what I have gotten.


by jacquipaul 01 Jun 2010

Welcome to Cute; glad you're here, and we hope you'll ask lots of questions.

by gayle950 24 Apr 2010

Welcome to cute. Lots of good advice here. You will enjoy it.

by nhsmith55 24 Apr 2010

Welcome! You will find lots of help here. Enjoy the site!

by ksgram1 24 Apr 2010

Welcome to the CUTE family Marylewis. You're going to love it here. ***

by shirlener88 24 Apr 2010

Welcome to the CUTE family.

by psssst 24 Apr 2010

I googled your machine and you can get the designs to the machine with pc connectivity, so it isn't necessary to buy ped basic. In order to see your design you can use a few different free programs or purchase one.

by gerryvb 24 Apr 2010

welcome to cute!and like MPO14011 already wrote you need the program from brother Pe basic or Pe design to write the design on the compatible brother card to load it in the embr.machine.
but when you have there are a lot of designs you can embroider, much more than what can be bought on the expensive brother designscards.
and like I said welcome in this wonderful cute family!

by lenamae 24 Apr 2010

if your machine takes a thumb drive you can put the designs streight to the thumb drive after they are unziped and streight to the machine that is the way I do it
I have buzz tools that opens the files so you can see thsm

by turtleowl 24 Apr 2010

I cannot open pes files on my computer but send the file to my machine and it will open there.How you can send files to your machine differs. Some connect to computer with a cable, some take a usb stick and some need the Brother card(in which case you need the writer box and card).Your question can be better amswered if we know more about your machine. Just looked at link below and think you should have a cable to connect directly between machine and computer.

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marylewis by marylewis 24 Apr 2010

I got a UBS cable with the machine, I'm guessing this is what your referring too ? Guess I should take it out of the box to find out. Like I said I'm very very new at this. I'll try anything once or twice. Thanks for your time. Be talking with everyone soon. Mary

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by crafter2243 Moderator 24 Apr 2010

Check with Brother. A program should have been included. How do you input the designs in the machine? In the meantime I would suggest to download this free program.

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marylewis by marylewis 24 Apr 2010

Yes and thank you, I found the true sizer have no idea what I'm doing though. I did find out the machine has a UBS cord with it. I'm going to check it out tonight. Thanks so much....

by 02kar Moderator 24 Apr 2010

Welcome to Cute and to embroidery. You did the right thing asking questions right away. Keep the questions coming because we want you to enjoy our passion as much as we do. Hurry and unpack you new baby and don't forget to post pics of you projects.

by mpo14011 24 Apr 2010

I think you might need PED-Basics to be able to download the designs and put them on your machine.

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marylewis by marylewis 24 Apr 2010

I just left the Brother site and I beleive you are right. I thought for what I had paid this thing had it all, guess not. I appreciate your help.

by mpo14011 24 Apr 2010

Did the machine come with software? If it did, you might just want to install that on your computer, first.The dealer you bought your machine from should have run through everything with you before you even bought the machine!

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marylewis by marylewis 24 Apr 2010

Yeah for sure cause I have spent like hundreds so far and can't download these files. As far as a CD goes the Machine didn't have one, just books