by karenjay 20 Apr 2010

action for the last 10 months. Add into that a problem with a tooth, which we now find out was starting to cause problems before my slipped disc, resulted in root canal work last week and more drugs for the pain and infection on top of the massive amount being taken for the slipped disc and now more pain relief for the damage done to my leg. However I am still smiling - things could be worse. I can still get around on crutches but my sewing is going to have to wait for a while. Today, I supervised a friend making a dress for herself whilst I started to sort out all the freebies I keep collecting - didn't get very far - wouldn't happen to have anything to do with the thousands I have collected would it?


by clawton 20 Apr 2010

Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope all will be better soon.

by hanna56 20 Apr 2010

Only want to send you a flower!
I'm sorry for so big stones in your way.
But I feel you are very strong inside although your body is suffering, you have an inner strenght, that we can learn from you.
Keep it!
Jesus said to the sick woman: It will happen to you what you believed ! So it will happen to you what you are expecting, expect to be restoring, what ever this means - God is good.
I send also a big virtual hug, use the time for things you can do - not for thinking about what you cannot do anymore. You will find a lot of things you can do. Probably you can do things now, you was too busy before??? Talking with somebody, reading, writing with your left hand.....
Sometimes we are more sensitive for the needs of others after having own trouble or sickness - to comfort sombody else is a very thankfull and blessed job.
Also take some care of yourself.
God bless you

jrob by jrob 20 Apr 2010

Hannah, that was beautifully said.;)

karenjay by karenjay 21 Apr 2010

We have a victim support sytem here but there was no support for my husband and I when our son was arrested and went thru the court system. I feel there are so many other parents in our situation that if I can ever help them then I will. Before my neck injury I was on a downhill slide and God made me wake up and take responsibility to improve myself. I had severe depression and played squash to counter-act that instead of taking medications. My neck injury was caused thru squash so I no longer have that - in the first few months of recovery I wondered how I was ever able to fit squash and sewing in before. Take away squash and I felt there goes my life but I have found that hasn't happened. I do seem to be surfing a lot more on the net though BUT I have learnt just a few small things along the way. Thank you everyone for your thoughts but I am doing well. So often people hide what is happening in their lives so please reach out to others if and when you can. And if you ar suffering yourself - find the good stuff and a good friend - a trouble shared is a trouble halved. Life is short - use it well.
PS Silly husband didn't check how much life insurance I had before he accidentally hit me. He is now telling his mates "You'll never guess what I did to my wife?"

by joann13100 20 Apr 2010

Seems like Hubby isn't helping the situation. Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy and relax. You've earned it !

by debrar 20 Apr 2010

Oh my goodness. So much to deal with... I hope you feel better soon. I think it is great to get your patterns organized. That will keep your mind busy and alert ( so you can learn to dodge cars faster, LOL) Take care and I'll be praying for you.

by shirlener88 20 Apr 2010

Karen, you have my empathy - for goodness sake - you have been through more than one should ever endure - take care of yourself and tell your husband - if he is trying to get rid of you - he can't do it - by running over you - in that manner - Hehehe! I will be praying for you dear. If you keep doing what you are doing - you will keep getting what you are getting - so be positive in everything.

by ksgram1 20 Apr 2010

Karen, I'm sending you the biggest hug. You shall continue to be in my prayers. *** Marjorie

by karenjay 20 Apr 2010

Thanks for all your kindness. I emailed my sister and she replied: "He probably thought right shes in no pain now lets do something else to her.
I just have to laugh or I will go insane - three years ago my young son was sent to prison so we have had a lot of heartache over this time. I am putting my trust in God and whatever happens now, happens. I think I might be, being told to slow down. My first day on crutches and I was trying to take normal length strides - that didn't work so well. I am so independant that it is SO hard to take things easy. I view all this as a challenge - how to achieve the things I want and if I can't does it really matter? To anybody else suffering, think positive, no matter how bad things there is always/always a bright side there somewhere. Take the good and move on. Give everybody a smile even when you are hurting - life has its ups and downs but for us to experience the highs, we have to have the lows. I hope everybody at cute has a truly wonderful day. There is a blessing for everybody.
Lots of hugs to you all

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jrob by jrob 20 Apr 2010

Love your attitude. My mother used to say, "No need to cry over spilt milk."

by gramsbear 20 Apr 2010

Karen, you are in my Prayers, I like your attitude, We can always find someone worse off than ourselves, can't we? I was feeling sorry for me, til I read what you've been through lately! God Bless You! Hugs, Judy

by 02kar Moderator 20 Apr 2010

You have my empathy and prayers. I also suffer spinal problems which rule my life. Hang in there. Use the time to organize those free designs. I also have struggled to organize mine and in fact moaned to my Cute family about struggling to catch up. At least when you will be able to sew again you will be ready and easily find the design you want.

by theduchess 20 Apr 2010

You are in my prayers. Hope you have a speedy recovery and very minimal pain..

by jacquipaul 20 Apr 2010

Poor dear; my prayers that you recover from these many conditions with minimal pain and have increased energy when this is all over.

by lenamae 20 Apr 2010

Oh you pore thing .I feel for you I know what you are going through I have terable back pain from a wreck I had last year and my left arme is messed up from it.
As for all the freebies I used to collect every thing but when I found out I was not going to use all of them I stopped and only collect the ones I know I will use I put all my designs in folders and keep them where they go and it is not so bad I put all cute designs in one folder and so forth .date the folder 2010 and at the end of the year I put it on a cd and it is easy to go check them out.I go to the folder I am looking for and check it and don't have to search so much when I order designs I save the designs in a folder in yeahoo mail and if I loose what is on my computer I can always bring back up my email and check for it. sometimes I loose one and can not find it.
Hugs Lenamae

by haydebug 20 Apr 2010

Oh My, I am so sorry for all your troubles! Hoping that you will get better soon! I absolutely love your positive thinking! You are a true blessing! Here is a flower and a big hug! Praying for a speedy recovery!

by msfancyvip 20 Apr 2010

You definately need a flower!! I've had a multilevel cervical fusion surgery for ruptured discs, so can certainly relate to that pain and discomfort...hugs to you!

Arrrgh...trying to keep track of the massive amounts of freebies has me pulling my hair out...hard to keep 'like kinds' together and also keep track of whose design (digitizer) it belongs to to give proper credit to if/when needed! I'll be interested in hearing how others manage theirs. Have a peaceful and painfree day (if that's possible for you). ~Rita

by dailylaundry 20 Apr 2010

Bless your heart!!! Hope the pain meds help you!!! Yes, I believe we are all in the same boat when it comes to designs...always sorting and searching - but, at least we all are in the boat together!!* Please feel better soon!!!

by mops Moderator 20 Apr 2010

Ouch, that must have hurt! Is your husband related to Yoriko's DH (he run over her foot with the car).
I hope you will recover quickly from this and the slipped disk and the tooth problems.

As for the sorting out - we are all in the same boat. And I THOUGHT I had a good system.

by moyed 20 Apr 2010

Ouch, Karen, take it easy and heal properly. You are in good company.

by gerryvb 20 Apr 2010

oh dear, that must have been scary for you and your husband when this happened! hope you recover soon and the painkillers do their job. good thing you can use the left arm, but take it easy don't overdo.hugs for you.

by pennifold 20 Apr 2010

No of course not! We all are with you on that one! I hope you can get some rest with all that has gone on. I work for a Dental surgery and so I know what you are going through.

I do hope your slipped disc heals nicely - back pain I reckon is one of the worst pains in the world!

Love and blessings Chis

karenjay by karenjay 20 Apr 2010

Thank you - This site is so caring. One of my friends had a bad back a few years ago. I can now appreciate the pain that she was in. In my case, with slipped disc in the neck, I lost all motor skills in my right arm - I thought I would never sew again - at least I can use my left side on the computer. Those flowers and the butterfly are lovely - thank you.

nanniesara by nanniesara 20 Apr 2010

god bless you hope your better soon.!