by april22 19 Apr 2010

Hi Girls had three weeks in hospital I had a pneumothorax.

was in the UMCG in Groningen. 'm still very tired. and read and see all the things you created and written .Hoop I can go quickly. april


by iris2006 21 Apr 2010

Blij dat je weer thuis bent, altijd beter dan in het ziekenhuis. Hopelijk sterk je snel weer aan. Beterschap

by shirlener88 21 Apr 2010

April, I will be praying for your recovery and hope that it doesn't take you too long to regain your strength to be able to get make to a regular routine again. Love for you.

by gerryvb 19 Apr 2010

sorry to read this, hope you recover soon but take it easy!take the time to recover, don't overdo

hoop dat je snel hersteld maar rustig aan, je gezondheid is erg belangrijk!beterschap
hugs for you!

by jrob Moderator 19 Apr 2010

April, so sorry to hear you were so ill. Thanks to God for your recovery and prayers that you keep improving.;)

by lbrow 19 Apr 2010

April u are so fortunate they caught this quickly. I lost a very dear friend with a pneumothorax in both lungs after she had surgery & she was a nurse. I'm so glad ur home now. give your self time strength will come back. Lillian

by suzettebritz 19 Apr 2010

No idea what it is, but hoping you are feeling better every day and that you will regain your strength soon and recover completely! Hugs, Suzette

by sqdancer 19 Apr 2010

Had to look up the word on google April, so very sorry to hear you have been so ill...prayers and much love to you, get well soon *4U Glenda x0x0x0x

by jacquipaul 19 Apr 2010

Mijn gebed voor u zijn om snel te herstellen en weer te voelen sterk. ! Het spijt me dat ik niet wist dat u ziek was. Vergeef deze Google-vertaling.
My prayers for you are to recover quickly and feel strong again. ! am sorry that I did not know you were ill. Forgive this Google translation.

by mops Moderator 19 Apr 2010

Ik hoop dat je snel helemaal opknapt, het UMCG mag dan een geweldig ziekenhuis zijn, je kunt maar beter thuis zijn! Martine