by daisy530 18 Apr 2010

Clowns are from Nicoles Designs.


by luluzinha 08 May 2010

Very nice job!

by harleysville 08 May 2010

Just confirming that you received my PM. Thanks

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daisy530 by daisy530 08 May 2010

Found it Brenda!

by bluerhino 05 May 2010

Very nice work!

by harleysville 05 May 2010

Daisy, hate to continue to be a pain but did you hav any luck locating this pattern. I really want to make. Maybe the name is located on the file you downloaded. Thanks much

daisy530 by daisy530 05 May 2010

I'm so sorry Harley--I searched for hours today for the pattern. I don't have the same computer so the old files are gone. I know I did a search for "cute baby quilt patterns" or something similar. I can send you the measurements of the squares and bindings if that would help. The triangles were made from fat quarters. Send me a PM.

harleysville by harleysville 06 May 2010

You are so wonderful to help. How do I send a PM?

daisy530 by daisy530 06 May 2010

Click on "Community" above--then you will see tabs that say Public, Personal, Freebies and Private. When you see the Plus sign and a number on the Private tab, click there and you'll get the message. I just sent you one.

by lflanders 20 Apr 2010

I know this is going to sound strange coming from a 63 yr. old great-granny but I have this thing about clowns. Most of them give me the creeps! I had a few Emmit Kelly figurines in earlier years but I actually saw him in person at the Jr College where I lived for a short time when I was much younger. Him I liked! These clows are sweet looking and I would even use them for a child. THIS is a very cute piece and I am sure it will be loved!

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psssst by psssst 20 Apr 2010

The movie "IT" did it for me with clowns so I know how you feel. These are cute clowns I agree.

by debbie1 19 Apr 2010

Ple theace wher can I purchase the pattern /designs for the Clown Quelt Thank you

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daisy530 by daisy530 20 Apr 2010

I'm trying to find the quilt pattern--it was a free one on the interest. The designs are from Nicoles Designs.

by harleysville 19 Apr 2010

Daisy, forgot to ask if this is a quilt pattern/design I can purchase. Not the clown designs, I know they are Nicole's. Thanks

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daisy530 by daisy530 20 Apr 2010

I'll try to find it for you. It was a free pattern from the internet. I think it was ad for fabric.

by harleysville 19 Apr 2010

This is the bomb. I love your colors, the design, everything. Wish I lived near you so you could teach me how to quilt. This quilt made me happy. Also thanks for sharing where the designs are from.

by shuede 19 Apr 2010

Very cute quilt!

by kezza2sew 19 Apr 2010


by stickmuster 19 Apr 2010

adorable quilt ***

by crosses 19 Apr 2010

Adorable quilt.

by gayle950 19 Apr 2010


by juanitadenney 19 Apr 2010

This is so pretty and you do such nice work. Thanks for sharing with us. *4U

by mops Moderator 19 Apr 2010

It's a lovely quilt. I like the colours and the pinwheels; great for a little boy!

by tippi 19 Apr 2010

Love the clown quilt. Great job. and congratulations and your new Grandson.

by ezzemml 18 Apr 2010

so sweet love it.

by alex71 18 Apr 2010

Very nice,love the clowns.*4u

by oaro 18 Apr 2010

great work thank you for sharing

by lbrow 18 Apr 2010

Oh Daisy I love it along with the pinwheels. Fantastic work. *

by shirlener88 18 Apr 2010

Daisy, this is darling - do you have a little one in the family?

daisy530 by daisy530 18 Apr 2010

Yes! He's 5 weeks old. He's our second Grandson, and we love him to pieces :)

shirlener88 by shirlener88 18 Apr 2010

Oh Daisy - that is great - CONGRATULATIONS!