by free3wil 15 Apr 2010

find them. Does any of you sweet cuties know of a website that I might be able to find any designs that have to do with baseball? I don't put names on shirts for children, but I would not think twice about putting a baseball design along with his number on a shirt or two. He would love it! And, I would love to do it for him! Thanks for any responses.


by sewmom 16 Apr 2010

1. mitt
2. bear and baseball
3. ball and bat
4. ball and bat
5. glove and ball
6. baseball bear
7. search here
8. search here too

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free3wil by free3wil 18 Apr 2010

Wow, you really worked hard to find all these designs. I found several that I really love and some new websites too! Thanks so much for your help!

by iris2006 16 Apr 2010

I found one here and I will look for more. I hope you can use one of them and congrats with the fosterchild.

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free3wil by free3wil 18 Apr 2010

These are great! He will love them. You are the best for helping out! Truly appreciate them and your help!

by noah 15 Apr 2010

Thaks there are many many stes for free God Bless Carolyn

by melita 15 Apr 2010

That's so sweet of you. You're very bless.

by jacquipaul 15 Apr 2010

Here are two (or more) free retired sets at Bunnycup that would fit the bill.

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free3wil by free3wil 18 Apr 2010

Thanks. These are great! Can hardly wait to get them done for him. You are the best! And, are truly appreciated!

by jacquipaul 15 Apr 2010

CarolVM just posted this link to the magazine. Follow the instructions and leaf through it to find the baseball design.

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free3wil by free3wil 18 Apr 2010

Thanks so much. I truly do appreciate your help! He will just love it!