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Letter B

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Size (in): 3.54"(w) x 3.70"(h)
Size (mm): 90 x 94
Stitches: 9100
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b weddingfont
sha13 by sha13 17 Feb 2017

love this!

bergemth by bergemth 09 Sep 2015

thank you very much; lovely design

lolly3 by lolly3 09 Sep 2015


a1lotte by a1lotte 09 Sep 2015

Thank you!

EBD108 by EBD108 08 Sep 2015

Thank you!

judy4my3 by judy4my3 08 Sep 2015

Thank you big Bunches!

roberta by roberta 08 Sep 2015

lovely font.however,I already have it for it has already been on here as a free font a couple of years ago. but for the new people they will enjoy it as much as I do.

1penny by 1penny 08 Sep 2015

Thank you

Simplesewer1 by Simplesewer1 08 Sep 2015


markus by markus 08 Sep 2015

Lovely thank you

susiesembroidery by susiesembroidery 08 Sep 2015

Thank you very much.

marie1949 by marie1949 08 Sep 2015

merci beau motif alphabetique

leighk by leighk 08 Sep 2015

Thank you

Iren by Iren 08 Sep 2015

Thank you!

kokkieventer by kokkieventer 08 Sep 2015

Thank you so much!

Sergick by Sergick 08 Sep 2015

Спасибо !!!

tiply01 by tiply01 08 Sep 2015

Thank you

belka by belka 08 Sep 2015

Thank you!

koosje by koosje 08 Sep 2015

Thank you!

ullis by ullis 08 Sep 2015


kereme by kereme 08 Sep 2015


patty59 by patty59 08 Sep 2015

Thank you!

leaheremans by leaheremans 08 Sep 2015


AvK by AvK 08 Sep 2015


Michellel by Michellel 08 Sep 2015

Thank you so beautiful

mv65 by mv65 08 Sep 2015

Thank you

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 08 Sep 2015

Thank you so much

Ossineu by Ossineu 08 Sep 2015

Vielen Dank - ein tolles Alphabet. Ich hoffe, es kommen noch mehr Buchstaben!

baboum2011 by baboum2011 08 Sep 2015


sewdeb by sewdeb 08 Sep 2015

Thank you.

emschuster by emschuster 08 Sep 2015

This is such a lovely font, thank you!!!! I can hardly wait for the next letter. PLEASE keep this alphabet coming!

perraut by perraut 08 Sep 2015

S O B E A U T I F U L ! ! !!!!
Thank you very much

peafarm by peafarm 08 Sep 2015

Thank You

HOKIS by HOKIS 08 Sep 2015


linwood by linwood 08 Sep 2015

thank you have a good day

lenie22 by lenie22 08 Sep 2015


lFleming by lFleming 08 Sep 2015

Thank you



help12 by help12 09 Jun 2015

like this

grammalou by grammalou 17 Apr 2010

Thank you.

rostanti by rostanti 17 Apr 2010

Thank you, very nice font

sonjapotgieter by sonjapotgieter 17 Apr 2010

Thank you it is BBbeautiful...

de105 by de105 17 Apr 2010

Beautiful font! Thank You!

jillian by jillian 17 Apr 2010

Thank you for this truly beautiful set

tinfriend by tinfriend 17 Apr 2010

Thank you!

mylli by mylli 17 Apr 2010

Thank you!!

joce by joce 16 Apr 2010


giddygoat by giddygoat 16 Apr 2010


jgboggs by jgboggs 16 Apr 2010

beautiful. Thank you.

kalinelson by kalinelson 16 Apr 2010

Beautiful B.....thanks so much.

roslyn by roslyn 16 Apr 2010

Thank you ,so Beautiful

euno by euno 16 Apr 2010

Beautiful. Thank you.

alina by alina 16 Apr 2010

Thank you!!!

jdhbraz by jdhbraz 16 Apr 2010


mauri09 by mauri09 16 Apr 2010


cab53 by cab53 16 Apr 2010

Thank you!

maeeast by maeeast 16 Apr 2010


chalkdust100 by chalkdust100 16 Apr 2010

Thank you for this beautiful font.

ingrid68 by ingrid68 16 Apr 2010

Thank you

zedna by zedna 16 Apr 2010

Beautiful font...thanks!

1945 by 1945 16 Apr 2010

Just so pretty thank you

sigrun by sigrun 16 Apr 2010

Thank you

oaro by oaro 16 Apr 2010

Thank you

janelle by janelle 16 Apr 2010


sandralochran by sandralochran 16 Apr 2010

Thank you

ycnan49 by ycnan49 16 Apr 2010

thank you.

kuttage by kuttage 16 Apr 2010

Thank you

beatie58 by beatie58 16 Apr 2010

Thank you this is gorgeous

tatiana by tatiana 16 Apr 2010

Merci beaucoup!

iris2006 by iris2006 16 Apr 2010

Thank you beautiful

terry67 by terry67 16 Apr 2010

thank you

rosie1648 by rosie1648 16 Apr 2010

Vielen Dank, THANK YOU!

anniem by anniem 16 Apr 2010

Thank you!

annatjievdw by annatjievdw 16 Apr 2010

Once again, this is such an outstanding font and all of us cannot thank you enough for it. I keep on wondering where you get the ideas for all the beautiful and different kinds of designs you have on here.

azette by azette 16 Apr 2010

Beau merci

moonlightflower71 by moonlightflower71 16 Apr 2010

Thank you! Grazie!

davidenko by davidenko 16 Apr 2010

What a BEAUTIFUL Alphabet. Thank you so much!

dodard by dodard 16 Apr 2010

merci c'est magnifique

katydid by katydid 16 Apr 2010


melok by melok 16 Apr 2010

Thank you!

karink by karink 16 Apr 2010


mad14kt by mad14kt 16 Apr 2010


donnajw by donnajw 16 Apr 2010

Thank you

joannejh by joannejh 16 Apr 2010

Very classy alpha thanks, Joanne, NC

lrlriddle by lrlriddle 16 Apr 2010

so pretty. thank you

sevels by sevels 16 Apr 2010

Thank you

catsnhorses by catsnhorses 16 Apr 2010

GORGEOUS alpha! Thank you so very much for sharing it with us.

haydebug by haydebug 16 Apr 2010

Wonderful, Thank You

fmcbride by fmcbride 16 Apr 2010

Thanks it is lovely.

asterixsew by asterixsew 16 Apr 2010

Diolch yn fawr

remko25 by remko25 16 Apr 2010

bedankt zeer mooi

nancya by nancya 16 Apr 2010

This is gorgeous! I'm new to this site. I assume you download one letter a day. What if a day is missed ~ can you still DL at a later date? Thanks for the help.

ladyboo by ladyboo 16 Apr 2010

This will look great as white on white. Thanks

joann7657 by joann7657 16 Apr 2010

beautiful, thank you

jesus4gives by jesus4gives 16 Apr 2010

I love the wedding fonts....thanks for offering them.

phantomdsb by phantomdsb 16 Apr 2010

Many thanks for the lovely design.

peardrop by peardrop 16 Apr 2010

Thank You!

jacquipaul by jacquipaul 16 Apr 2010

Beautiful 'B'; thanks so much!

kathyltek by kathyltek 16 Apr 2010

Thank you so much! Absolutely stunning!

carelady by carelady 16 Apr 2010

The wedding font is so elegant.

gerryvb by gerryvb 16 Apr 2010

thank you for this beautiful B

gramsbear by gramsbear 16 Apr 2010

Thanx so very much!!! I just LOVE this font!!!

robinbird by robinbird 16 Apr 2010

La letra B esta muy bonita(the letter B is very pretty). Muchas gracias para el trabajado y vaya con Dios. :~D

buster by buster 16 Apr 2010

thanks so much for the beautiful font

mariahail by mariahail 15 Apr 2010


dilceia by dilceia 15 Apr 2010


luluzinha by luluzinha 15 Apr 2010

thank U

teresanta by teresanta 15 Apr 2010

Thank you! Grazie!

playtime by playtime 15 Apr 2010

What a BEAUTIFUL FONT.... Thank you so much!

ejtads by ejtads 15 Apr 2010

Thank you.

moyed by moyed 15 Apr 2010

thank you B beautiful

mops by mops 15 Apr 2010

I love this alphabet, it's gorgeous!

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