Elephant pack

Design #: 4525271
Price: $8.97
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Size (in): 0.04"(w) x 0.04"(h)
Size (mm): 1 x 1
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elephant animals pack
jessie123 by jessie123 28 May 2019

Love the elephants

lisje by lisje 22 Feb 2019


Pircy by Pircy 27 Dec 2018

Thank You very much for the lovely embroidery designs

Liette by Liette 08 Nov 2018

doing my best to get this nice paggage

Liette by Liette 08 Nov 2018

hope im lucky enough to get package

Wilna52 by Wilna52 30 Sep 2018


Pircy by Pircy 03 Jul 2018

Thank you very much for this lovely embroidery design

Pircy by Pircy 13 Jun 2018

thank you very much for this beautiful embroidery design

PatrysGous by PatrysGous 05 Jun 2018

cute elephants

PatrysGous by PatrysGous 05 Jun 2018

I tried last night to purchase this set but no success

PatrysGous by PatrysGous 04 Jun 2018


Eilis by Eilis 12 Dec 2017

Just what I need, thank you.

isalabergere by isalabergere 05 Nov 2017

superbe merci :-)

jann91 by jann91 06 Oct 2017

Cute elephant designs and so popular this year. Could you tell me how to print the Color Charts?

Eilis by Eilis 24 Sep 2017

Just great, thank you for the beautiful design pack.

Marcia55 by Marcia55 04 Aug 2017

Please could anyone tell me size hoop needed to embroider theses cute elephants

debc by debc 01 Jan 2017

Love them but too large for my 4x4 size

Midnight1 by Midnight1 30 May 2016

Thank you

rescuer by rescuer 17 Jun 2015

Adorable! Thanks for the pack

mounira by mounira 02 Apr 2015


jrob by jrob 11 Mar 2015

No they are not a quarter of an inch. That was just something put in the PACK description as they are varying sizes and there is not enough room to list each one in the PACK description. For example #4484687 is 4.27H x3.39W.

aznugget by aznugget 12 Feb 2015

Are these really just a quarter of an inch high and wide?

karenmay13 by karenmay13 12 Feb 2015

where do i click to see the rest of the designs???

marfa by marfa 24 Nov 2014

thank you

marianb by marianb 23 Nov 2014

thank you

highlandermom by highlandermom 18 Apr 2014

Thank you

dane by dane 28 Dec 2013

Who would not love these cute elephants?! Many thanks.

greytgirl by greytgirl 01 Oct 2013

Adorable! Thank you.

vala by vala 25 Jan 2013

Thank You!

debcarlson by debcarlson 23 Jan 2013

Thank You!

tinfriend by tinfriend 23 Jan 2013

Thank You!

billabongdesigns by billabongdesigns 18 Nov 2012

there are no images to know whats in the pack and this site has no search place

judibfl by judibfl 15 Nov 2012

I see an adorable set with burp rag, towels and quilt. These are the cutest Elephants eve. Thank You!

alazgal6 by alazgal6 08 Nov 2012

So, sweet,so cute.Thanks ever so much.Dee

emanuille by emanuille 25 Oct 2012

merci beaucoup

terriweistra by terriweistra 23 Sep 2012

Thank you for the gorgeous ellies

euno by euno 22 Sep 2012

Love the pack. So cute.

cleide by cleide 01 Jan 2012


facerag49 by facerag49 11 Dec 2011

WOW!!!! This is the cutest design!! I love these elephants!!

awesome1 by awesome1 23 Oct 2011

Thanks for elephants. We'll "always remember" your generosity, Miss Veronica.

jacquipaul by jacquipaul 14 Oct 2011

Thank you;

Nellyphant by Nellyphant 04 Oct 2011

Fab designs, thanks.

embroideryfun by embroideryfun 26 May 2011


carolyn70 by carolyn70 28 Mar 2011

Very cute elephants. thanks

cogs42 by cogs42 08 Mar 2011

I love this pack. Thank you

sewlikedawn by sewlikedawn 13 Jan 2011

Thank you! This elephant pack is so adorable!

djc4209 by djc4209 20 Dec 2010

the color sheet doesn't show colors. please fix it.

sewnso by sewnso 14 Nov 2010

Cute designs! Thank you.

mad14kt by mad14kt 16 Sep 2010


debcarlson by debcarlson 09 Sep 2010

cute elephants!

auntbaba by auntbaba 07 Sep 2010

These are great elephant designs! Thank-you.

tippi by tippi 24 Jun 2010

Thank you for the elephant pack

alinewman by alinewman 14 Jun 2010

These Eliphants are just adourable and they stitch out even better thanks.

outback43 by outback43 24 May 2010

thank you, they are 2 cute !

marciabrasil by marciabrasil 18 May 2010


beatie58 by beatie58 14 May 2010

Thank you for the pack

ingrid68 by ingrid68 11 May 2010

Thank you for the pack. I have been eyeing this one for a while now and now I am able to download it. Thank you

ezzemml by ezzemml 23 Apr 2010

Thank's a wonderful pack of li'll Elephants

dlmds by dlmds 19 Apr 2010

These are just darling. Thank you!!

dilceia by dilceia 18 Apr 2010


keeponsewing by keeponsewing 15 Apr 2010

These are such cute elephants. Thank you!

suzyonelittledev by suzyonelittledev 15 Apr 2010

Thankyou for the pack.

dlonnahawkins by dlonnahawkins 14 Apr 2010

Thanks for another cute pack -

clawton by clawton 14 Apr 2010

Thank you so much for the pack. Love the elepants.

mops by mops 14 Apr 2010

Thank you for the pack. Cute elephants!!

luluzinha by luluzinha 14 Apr 2010

thank you

slovenka by slovenka 14 Apr 2010


sewmom by sewmom 14 Apr 2010

Thank you.

teresanta by teresanta 14 Apr 2010

Thank you!Grazie!!!!!

ejtads by ejtads 14 Apr 2010

Thank you!

eleen by eleen 14 Apr 2010

Thnk you they are so beautiful

dailylaundry by dailylaundry 14 Apr 2010

Thank you for the "elephants" pack!!!!

softhearted1 by softhearted1 14 Apr 2010

Thanks for this adorable set :)

smithandsmith by smithandsmith 14 Apr 2010

thank you for the pack... these are the cutest!

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