by mya1 11 Apr 2010

Hi, I was wondering if there was any instructions for making Design Id:#2252915, an applique bookmark. Any info greatly appreciated.


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by shirlener88 11 Apr 2010

I am unsure if there are instructions or not - I have made this bookmark and I just sorta followed the rules of applique, but stitched this on WSS - the 1st thread color to lay down the material - the 2nd thread color to cut the material away - the 3rd thread color to stitch around the material - then the other thread colors for the embroidery - along with cutting threads as I went and then the last thread color to stitch the satin stitches around the outside edge - when it was all finished - I rinsed it in hot water - to remove the rest of the WSS - blotted the bookmark between a towel and then dried it with a hair blower. I hope this helps.

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mya1 by mya1 11 Apr 2010

Thank you very much for the information. I also downloaded the following design, Cute Embroidery christmas1968922. This is definitely not FSL. I put it on felt but wondered if it should have had a couple of layers. Any suggestions?